Yoga Class Bhakti Yoga 20 Minutes – Asanas as Devotion to God

A very spiritual Yoga Class: Hatha Yoga as Devotion to God. Adore the Divine with your whole body. Asanas can be seen as prostration, as prayer, as embracing the Divine. Sukadev leads you through a short 20-minute-session of Asanas, relaxation and Pranayama – with prayers and affirmations. This class is suited for intermediate students who are familiar with the Sivananda Yoga Class or the Yoga Vidya Yoga Class. You should know Surya Namaskar (Sun salutations) and Shirshasana (Headstand) before practicing with this Video. To learn these practices – try our Beginners Videos in this Channel. More Yoga Videos on

Duration : 0:20:10

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7 comments to Yoga Class Bhakti Yoga 20 Minutes – Asanas as Devotion to God

  • flowingheartWELOVETHEUNIVERSE!

    I practice Hinduism …
    I practice Hinduism and yoga, but for example, because I believe in karma, I don’t believe that we should fight, as Krishna instructs Arjuna too, in the Bhagavad Gita, I believe in Ahimsa, and in thinking for oneself, ultimately not causing suffering but joy is the greatest spiritual path

  • flowingheartWELOVETHEUNIVERSE!

    Holy Kundalini
    Holy Kundalini

  • flowingheartWELOVETHEUNIVERSE!

    A physical outward …
    A physical outward Guru is not necessary in Hinduism, we should never be hung up too much on an outward human manifestation, though we can learn from them all, we should remember the ultimate truth is beyond these manifestations and none can contain the full, not even our own ego selves, the truth is beyond the ego world

  • flowingheartWELOVETHEUNIVERSE!

    Hinduism=Karma …
    Hinduism=Karma Philosophy, more important Than Names We Chant, ritual practice, We Must Practice Good Deeds, Most Hindus don’t try to convert others, we appreciate all faiths as divine, they can be called Hinduism, just gods taking different forms. that one is doing good deeds in their life, & meditating on ultimate reality beyond ego manifestations, eclipses the faith they chose, hindus believe if you do bad deeds, no matter what faith you cannot be free til karma matures

  • 69DavidBaisden

    She needs to take …
    She needs to take off her socks.

  • Mikaela Perera

    simply wonderful …
    simply wonderful bless your ashram 

  • mskitise

    Thank you! This …
    Thank you! This channel has changed my life! May God bless your work.

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