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In 2009, a series of physical setbacks, a broken engagement and a cross-country tour left India.Arie exhausted and at a spiritual crossroads. She left the music industry to find some healing and slowly began working again over the next few years. In 2012, however, she started having serious issues with her skin and suspected she had a serious illness. As it turns out, she says, her soul was sick and manifesting in other ways. Watch as India.Arie reflects on a life-changing hike she took up a Hawaiian volcano and what it taught her about the importance of acceptance and surrender.

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Duration : 0:4:50

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24 comments to India.Arie’s Spiritual Turning Point – Super Soul Sunday – Oprah Winfrey Network

  • Po Savea

    Wow! She is so …
    Wow! She is so REAL!!

  • rachfaceeee

    wow i absolutely …
    wow i absolutely love her

  • myYTUniversity


  • Jamaican Indigo

    she is my absolute …
    she is my absolute favorite artist of all time

  • SandiAnne

    Yep, recently had …
    Yep, recently had an emergency op and gradually (after a fair few knocks at ‘my door lol) surrendered to what is…love india love Oprah x

  • Cherry Brown

    She is….I love …
    She is….I love her music…as I can relate to her lyrics as a Black African Caribbean woman..particularly her song ‘ Brown Skin’ x

  • Chocomuneca19

    Why do people think …
    Why do people think black women bleach all the time? for some reason as some black women get older our skin changes. My mother used to be very dark skinned and now her skin is much lighter at her age nowm

  • KeeperOfGodsWord

    She started …
    She started bleaching

  • Delesa' Monique

    You missed the …
    You missed the message and It’s okay you just there yet.

  • B Brown

    You wanna know why? …
    You wanna know why? MONEY!! It’s what generates the most money. the medial is all about money making. I agree with you but the world goes with whatever makes the most money. Be Blessed sista!!

  • Tamoy Woolery

    beautiful black …
    beautiful black princess.

  • SuperTruthful

    I went thru …
    I went thru something similar with an illness, and while lying in a hospital bed, I surrendered and things got better. You know when to let go.

  • alanadavis32

    I stumbled across …
    I stumbled across this video at the right time. Wow!

  • Shanta Elizenberry

    Great job ladies, …
    Great job ladies, lots of love for you both!

  • Kara Shakur


  • deantra grant

    I need to hear a …
    I need to hear a great deal more from this young lady. Why is it that the people the world needs to hear more from are never out front or given media attention. The people who we wish would go away stays in our faces. Case and point BEYONCE and KIM KArdashian!!! GAWD. Please we want authentic, real artist with depth and substance. IF Ms. Oprah can give Indie Arie and Lauryn Hill their own show/platform I will have my t v locked on OWN !!!



  • chrisiminaj2002

    She sounds slowww …
    She sounds slowww her skin was jus breakin out normal tf a illness .no

  • aamina105

    What a great …
    What a great message! I really needed to hear this.

  • J Wesley


  • April Fregoso

    It’s almost like I …
    It’s almost like I needed to see this. Perfect timing..

  • strauqq1

    I love indie
    I love indie

  • BeckyNE93

    I have a skin …
    I have a skin condition that is currently healing too from emotional stress;called Rosacea. But its Perseverance! Life is an uphill climb &sometimes we trip or stumble,but never have to fall. When u realise that, things flow. Because God flows in u when u fully open up yourself. Its accepting the ups & downs &respecting how they can teach u 4the rest of your life. @ times we have to re-learn things,but its learning 2apply the realness and truth that comes with growing & being whole spiritually.

  • gabsylv


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