How do I stop turning to religion every time things get bad?

It seems like every time I get stressed or depressed, I end up drawn towards religion. When I was a teen, I would go back to Christianity, the religion I was raised as, but it didnt make me happy. In fact, it made me feel worse than ever. I was fairly happy for awhile and life was good, but when it got bad, I found myself looking for a new crutch to rely on. This time it was Wicca. Don’t get me wrong, I think Wicca’s great, but religion just isn’t for me. I’m the type of person who generallh only believes things that have been proven. So even though I desperately wanted to believe in magic and the God and Goddess, part of me never truly did. That’s only part of the problem though. I also have an addictive personality, so when I’m religious, I’m RELIGIOUS. Wicca took up a lot of my time and quite a bit of my money. Eventually a documentary I watched on phony psychics brought me back down to earth. It was tough to let go of religion, because it made life seem bearable, to think there was something else out there. The problem is, when I get miserable, I don’t know how to deal with it. I start to crave religion again and it’s hard to resist, especially since one of the ways I find helpful when dealing with stress is meditation and from there it’s a bit of a slippery slope, because of the spiritual nature of meditation. Next I start cleansing my chakras and healing my inner child and searching for my spirit animal and then it goes from spiritual to completely religious. So I’m not sure how to deal with stress without going back to religion. I don’t have anything against religion, but it’s not for me and I find I always end up getting stuck and just stop moving forward when I’m religious. I have trouble motivating myself to do stuff when I’m not following a religion, but when I am, I just pray or do a spell and I get these false sense of accomplishment which makes me feel better, but doesn’t actually help anything. So how can I kick this religion habit for good?

religion gives people comfort. is why you turn to religion. i did the same but i know there cant be a god cause life is such a bitch. alot of people are suffering including myself. anyways i found comfort in religion when things got bad because it made me positive. so i accepted that lifes a bitch but i just try to be positive. so maybe try to be positive.

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  • fantomazz

    Try turning to science
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  • Neil

    You seem to have problems with obsession, more than the ‘theme’.

    You probably should find therapist to talk about that, because you need to figure out, why you’re obsessing.

    For now, do mindless things when you’re under pressure(doodle, solitaire, video-games), and try to figure out what is your starting point, what triggers these obsessions?
    The more you work on it, the deeper you should be able to get, and when you identified your trigger, you can start adjusting things to prevent new obsessions from taking over.
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  • me

    religion gives people comfort. is why you turn to religion. i did the same but i know there cant be a god cause life is such a bitch. alot of people are suffering including myself. anyways i found comfort in religion when things got bad because it made me positive. so i accepted that lifes a bitch but i just try to be positive. so maybe try to be positive.
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  • Hemant

    Do this. It can help you.

    Evening cleaning – A person has many impurities, darkness, grossness etc., inside himself, which have came from his past lives. Also there are other reasons for it. If you are clean and balanced from inside then life will also get balanced and many diseases can also go.
    For cleaning imagine that all impressions, impurities, grossness etc., are going out from my back in form of smoke or vapor and sacred current of divine is coming in my heart from master’s(God) heart. Do cleaning for maximum for half hour. It is enough to do it once in a day. In cleaning don’t force yourself too much and must be done purely by will. Usually cleaning is done only after whole day’s work is over.

    All this will take practice. You may not become expert in one day. It will take some time. This practice is not just imagination. It really works and happens. This is not meditation. This has nothing to do with religion.
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  • calm

    Because when man is stuck and has no body to turn to/rely on or hope for .There is only one entity he feels can help him and that is GOD .with out God there is no meaning of life ,with out God and death life doesn’t make any sense.
    You are in a system that has been created by God ,these suns starts,oxygen,water ,your siblings,all have been creater by the almighty.its up to you take make your journey in this world count with the best of actions and intentions or else spent it in grumbling and heart burn.CHOICE IS YOURS
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  • Tutti Frutti

    accept that there is no proof or evidence that god exist and you will realise religion is nonsense based on people’s fear of death.
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  • SisyphusIShappy

    Stop being human. lol

    Even the biggest atheist has a religion, it may be a religion of just one, but it is a religion.
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  • Sakura

    You might find the post "Anxiety – a portrait of fear" interesting. It sheds some light on what one goes through when things go bad, and how things turn good on their own – on simply rides the wave:
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  • Caroline

    I have been a Wiccan for 9 years now. I have HUGE stress issues, and it was really hard for me as a teen to be able to live my life with those issues. The best thing about Wicca is that no mater what you do, it works. For example, when I am very stressed I light incense in my room and sit in silence because that calms me… I don’t have to "pray" my goddess knows I’m stressed because the universe can feel my energy… my very stressed out vibes, if you will, and she will help me relax. I also have this habit of taking this "potion" every night that keeps my mind from racing so I can sleep… You don’t need books or hundreds of dollars worth of stuff, you really dont. All you really need is candles and incense. Wicca isn’t really a "religion" either Its a way of life… when you cook, you’re making potions (pretty much anything you can consume that’s made with intent is a potion) when you clean your room or house you’re cleansing, when you take a relaxing bath or wash your face you’re purifying, when you take deep breaths and relaxing you’re meditating. So you are accomplishing in everything you do, you really cant mess up with magick… unless you break the rule of 3…. but you know not to break those.. anyway my advise to you is this, if you feel witchcraft calms you in some way, then keep doing it. However, if you feel you’re not "in it" then find a new path. Every witch is different, and there are many gods and goddesses not just the two. Like I have Greek pantheons that I follow and also some Egyptian. I work with crystals, divination, water magick, herbs, candle magick, dream spells, and much more, but my friend who is Pagan (an older religion similar to Wicca) works with ruins and older much more complex magic. Most of the things I work with come from the earth, her magick is mostly strong intent or tarot and stones. So everyone is different which is why Wicca is so appealing to people since it not one witch is the same. If you don’t believe in A Goddess and God that’s fine! Some Wiccans believe in elemental force which is rain and thunder, fire and water, wind and smoke, and the pulse (or spirit) in all things. There are also Wiccans that believe in what I call "static intent" which is your inner link to the universe which is a more scientific link to Wicca, like string theory. Or like that law everyone talks about " if something can go wrong, it will" Example, I want something… I write is on bay leaves and burn it and picture that thing in my head, and I imagine putting that thing in a very pretty envelope and sending it out into the stars of space. I am creating intent, which I am sending out. The harder the intent, the more likely a reply. My point is there are so many different forms of Wicca, and you can mix and match, poke and prod, and edit it to your liking. You don’t need to kick this "habit" if you like it. But if you don’t, then just kick it! :D and if you feel like "praying" every once in a while, just do as you feel. because only YOU know what you want. If you suddenly feel like doing something then that feeling is there for a reason. TRUST YOUR GUT! <3
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    Me <3

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