How to Activate Chakras through Sound & Color: Meditation Energy Center Kundalini Enlightenment

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Living Enlightened Master, Acharya Shree Yogeesh, gives students a practical way on how to activate the chakras via sound and color.

Duration : 0:10:51

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25 comments to How to Activate Chakras through Sound & Color: Meditation Energy Center Kundalini Enlightenment

  • BreakdancingWizard

    i never really …
    i never really thought about that but your right lol! i agree

  • theiceman74


  • wdeadman49

    I like this guy!
    I like this guy!

  • nabinsubba

    can u comment on …
    can u comment on sosho???

  • DharmaMareLili

    I love your …
    I love your teachings.
    Thank you so much.
    I have suffered so much, but today I am beginning to leave my fears in the dirt!
    I love you.
    Thank you.

  • Tressco

    This is an …
    This is an excellent tutorial!
    Thanks for posting!

  • indigobeauty1

    that’s good to know …
    that’s good to know, so my orange chakra is under active, and my 3rd eye is overactive. the rest i feel are pretty balanced. that’s interesting because i’ve been seeing orange everywhere, that’s the color that have seem to pop out to me and i would stop and wonder why is orange under appreciated?i’m normally good about catching messages but i missed that one lol. thank you great video.1LOVE!

  • qwalznarg

    life is a hairs …
    life is a hairs breath from death
    the true virtues of heaven are
    peace joy equanimity love and compassion
    namaste universe

  • theskinnywebsite

    This man has the …
    This man has the most amazing speaking voice… totally musical and beautiful.

  • TwiztedRune

    This helps me …

    This helps me a lot.

  • stoffeboyei

    Thank you, love
    Thank you, love

  • stoffeboyei

    You have changed my …
    You have changed my life, for the better. I want to thank you. Peace and love be with you, your incredible :)

  • UnhappySquancho

    yam yam yam yam
    yam …

    yam yam yam yam
    yam yam yam yam
    yam yam yam

    yam yam yam yam
    YAM yam yam yam
    YAM yam yam

  • clogart

    you just need to …
    you just need to visualize the color over or on the place of the Chakra

  • nomaughlimbaugh

    Is there a text …
    Is there a text write-up of this video? I’m very eager to work with it, but I am having some trouble interpreting the heavily accented-narrative.



  • MSNcomMartiny2m


  • jtorres133

    Thank You.
    Thank You.

  • Jahithegod

    “As the fletcher …
    “As the fletcher whittles and makes straight his arrows, so the master directs his straying thoughts.”

  • NepAsdreth

    beautiful idea to …
    beautiful idea to give some teaching via Youtube, I folow your videos, I understand as you say that I have to find living master but for now this is my closest possibility to hear one, so thanks for this.

  • twixinit7

    What do the colors …
    What do the colors you can’t see look like?

  • d0peY12

    if you meditate and …
    if you meditate and imagine a color/sound you can actually see/hear it. i’ve done it before.

  • tryingtosavetheworld

    I found an …
    I found an antibiotic called Silver Colloidal Water, from what I have found on the internet it is good for many things, and it does not harm the body. Only when taken over a long period of time does it cause damage. Those in the know are not wanting to release it as the pharma corporations will probably loose millions. Hope this helps. PS. It has been suggested that cancer is caused through the lack of B-Vitamins (esp. Thiamin). Step 1 of course is changing your whole lifestyle.

  • brigitt4love

    Great help, thank …
    Great help, thank you!

  • moerzx

    how does it sounds …
    how does it sounds when i want an activation of all chakras at the same time?;-)

  • FutureDew

    Hello, Please spell …
    Hello, Please spell me the sound of the crown colour, as i do not know.Thank You

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