How to get back the joy of living?

I am destroying my relationship with my boyfriend by being sad, crying, and feeling insecure. I really hate that I’m this way and I hate it even more because I want to make my boyfriend happy and it makes him so sad when I’m like this. We almost broke up the other night because I had another breakdown and started crying for no reason, but I convinced him to stay with me by telling him I was going to fix it. Times in the past when I’ve felt fulfilled and happy have been times when I was spiritually connected and serving others, so I have bought some spiritual books, started praying and meditating again, plan on going to church on Sunday, am seeking out volunteer work opportunities, and have set up an appointment with a therapist. I can see this working to turn things around for me eventually, but I need to be happy NOW so I don’t lose the love of my life in the process. Any suggestions?

You choose what you do. You choose why you do it.

Make different choices.

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