do teenagers read insiprational/spiritual books, what kind of emotion do they often perceive?

i mean its an obvious one … somehow…but i im just curious if some teens in the world do read them… what kind of emotion or reaction or effect does it give them…i mean is you if you do read such books what would be your answer to the question?

They want to rebel.

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  • Jacobi

    When I was a teenager (five years ago) I did read "inspirational/spiritual books". Mostly the Bible used by Christians. I also read Christian inspirational books as well.

    What kind of emotions did I experience when reading them? Well it would depend on exactly what I was reading at the time. I mean an array of emotion would be associated with the Bible. There are ups and downs, just like when any other book.

    The effect the Bible had on me? Well it pulled me through some really depressing times I had as a teenager. Gave me hope that there is a God who is taking care of me even when I feel so very alone in the world.

    That was when I was a teenager… today’s opinions are different of course. For I have grown, mature, and learned quite much since then.
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  • Plato

    Not necessarily inspirational books, but I really do enjoy philosophical books. One of my favorites in this category is Night by Elie Weisel, which could be considered inspirational, I suppose…but as to the emotions that I percieve, well…after I read them, I have the desire to learn more about whatever the book is talking about.

    The choices of books is one of the reasons that I’ve enjoyed eighth grade English/Language Arts this year. They made me THINK, unlike the mindless crap from last year.

    Perhaps people should allow the teenagers to answer themselves, and not (blatantly) stereotype them!
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  • Lee G

    Well teenagers know everything for the most part, so they usually just scoff at anything spiritual because the world doesn’t love them and their parents are jerks.
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  • Morpheus

    They want to rebel.
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  • Morgan Lawrence

    I am 15 and last year i read a book called “the Celestine Prophecy” which told of a new kind of spirituality involving all of the world. I really liked this book and i re-read it constantly. I have read other fiction books that touched down on spiritual/philosophical books and I’ve always enjoyed the new thoughts or ideas. I enjoy getting yoga magazines every month and i do yoga like the obsessed. I find this very enlightening and relaxing. I look for spiritual books and I’m on different book lists to receive books in the mail. I believe when you blanket spirituality in a story, it makes it all the more worth it to read. I find these books to be comforting in the structure they give when I’m feeling lost and unsure of how to handle life.

  • Check out my blog for more reading suggestions. Everything I review is appropriate enough to be sold in church book stores.

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