A Step Above Mind – 1 of 2

2nd Journal 2010-04-26

TRANSCRIPT: http://www.scribd.com/doc/30605183/A-Step-Above-Mind
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Its interesting, how the topic, the tags, of what you post to the Net brings people in, and what people respond to what. Though I have much to say, to offer, regarding my (spiritual or higher-dimensional) experiences with non-physical life forms, I wanted to wait, and lay a good foundation, first, before broaching these subjects. [Its a matter of priorities; of having them organized right.]

Many people want a short-cut to enlightenment. They want to take a magic pill or potion, do some sort of meditation or ritual, or perhaps just use the Law of Attraction to directly magnetize some contact or spiritual experience…[or riches]. Short-cuts.

Why do I call these short-cuts? Thats less easily explained, but the thumb-nail version is because were all spiritual beings…

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2 comments to A Step Above Mind – 1 of 2

  • RabAdamson

    Your words come …
    Your words come from a place of Love

  • Publisher1000

    But this is the key …
    But this is the key… you are right, dear one! As multidimensional beings, we exercise the mind and the intellect in the third dimension. The great joy is to be consciouss of the dimensional layers of existence and be able to overlay all of them in a single real moment. It is the total experience! Peace and Light! :-) *****5stars.

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