Yoga Class Bhakti Yoga 20 Minutes – Asanas as Devotion to God

A very spiritual Yoga Class: Hatha Yoga as Devotion to God. Adore the Divine with your whole body. Asanas can be seen as prostration, as prayer, as embracing the Divine. Sukadev leads you through a short 20-minute-session of Asanas, relaxation and Pranayama – with prayers and affirmations. This class is suited for intermediate students who are familiar with the Sivananda Yoga Class or the Yoga Vidya Yoga Class. You should know Surya Namaskar (Sun salutations) and Shirshasana (Headstand) before practicing with this Video. To learn these practices – try our Beginners Videos in this Channel. More Yoga Videos on

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is it wrong to try and pick up girls doing yoga at the gym?

I ask this because they’re doing their thing, but they at times seem receptive to me.. should I approach them? I want to find a girl that can teach me their technique ive never had the spiritual benefit from yoga before and im eager to learn. Would I seem like a player? I never see guys approaching the girls at my gym. Could someone send a link or coach me on this. I would not say it was wrong, I would say it was stupid. The problem is your attitude is evinced through the use of the phrase "pick up". If you walk around with your head in your crotch like a wannabe alpha male, you’ll turn off most women. That said, however, there is seldom anything wrong with approaching someone with a question, the solicitation of advice, or to make an introduction of yourself at an appropriate time. What happens after that should happen naturally. Don’t think in terms . . . → Read More: is it wrong to try and pick up girls doing yoga at the gym?

Never taken yoga classes before, best way to start doing yoga at home?

I’ve never done yoga, aside from doing it at my house. I watch Dr. Melissa West on youtube, and do her exercises. I don’t have any other options, really.

The only kind of yoga classes that are offered in my area are bikram classes, and I have no interest at all in trying bikram, and can’t afford to really spend my money on yoga classes, anyway.

I realize that there’s a huge difference in having someone actually teaching you, and trying to learn yourself. But I don’t have much to work with, unfortunately.

Any suggestions on how to get started with do it yourself yoga? I like the videos I’ve been doing. I always feel very relaxed afterward, and can tell that my muscles are loosening up a bit from doing it. So is that good enough? Hi there, these are pretty good results, although you can get infinitely more from it if you continue to practice . . . → Read More: Never taken yoga classes before, best way to start doing yoga at home?

What should i do for spiritual healing and to untangle my mind? im intoxicating myself with negative energy?

Im going to deactivate my facebook, get a new number.. And take yoga classes But what else can i do at home? I an intoxicating myself and i want to rid all negative energy. Kundalini yoga is the best solution for you. as a kundalini yoga teacher from past couple of years in Grande Prairie, Alberta i can say that with the kundalini peritual healing you can experience the unlimited positive energy in your self. but dont try in by your self take help of some expert. for more information about me you can visit

♥Healing Guardian Angels 3♥ – Spiritual Guids – Reiki Yoga Zen New Age – Enya Vangelis 2013

Easy way to Download this song! ♥Angels the Guardians of Life♥

♫Healing Guardian Angels the Music Series♫ -Healing Guardian angels 1: -Healing Guardian angels 2: -Healing Guardian angels 3:

When it’s dark… Music will be the Light Music for the heart from the heart.

-Feng Shui Chill Out Zen Music Peaceful Music- -Dream Music, Merlins magic, Reiki, Relax, Angels, New Age, Love, Piece- heaven music, background music

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An angel is a supernatural being or spirit found in various religions and mythologies. In Abrahamic religions they are often depicted as servants of God and celestial . . . → Read More: ♥Healing Guardian Angels 3♥ – Spiritual Guids – Reiki Yoga Zen New Age – Enya Vangelis 2013

Spiritual Uplifting Music (Best for Yoga, Relexation and Eternity)

Song “Titan Faint” on iTunes:

Music by: Martin Herzberg Song: “Titan Faint” – from the Album “No Fear Required”

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This is a Moving, Thoughtful, Flowing, Calm, Simple, Rhythmic, Scenic, Vibrant, Inspirational, Cinematic, Melancholic, Sensitive, Tearful, Narrative, Joyful, Meditative, Relaxing, Climatic and somehow Spiritual piece of Music — All in one package. Best for Yoga, Relaxation, Meditation or anything else in between. Hope you Enjoy. The Music itself is influenced by Ludovico Einaudi, George Winston, Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, Antonio Pintor, Imogen Heap, Moby, Delerium, Andy Mckee, Stefano Barone, Antoine Dufour, Eric Mongrain, Jose Gonzales, Raul Midon, Philip Glass, Yann Tiersen, Thievery Cooperation, Nightmares on Wax, James Horner, john Williams, Trespassers William, Cafe del Mar, Pat Metheney, Clint Mansell, Rachel Portman, Robert Miles, Black & Jones, Kruder & Dorfmeister and many others…. This 100% handcrafted independent music.. We appreciate any support…so thank you for watching . . . → Read More: Spiritual Uplifting Music (Best for Yoga, Relexation and Eternity)

What is a good way for me to begin practicing Bhakti yoga?


I am a Christian and I seek to practice Bhakti yoga daily in my life, as I think it is a very beautiful way of devotion to God. I am having a little trouble starting it out, though.

Do you recommend any hymns, mantras, offerings, etc. I could include in my Bhakti? How can I practice and show true devotion in Bhakti?

Thank you. Blessings in God’s love. Bhakti Yoga

These are some things which help into the path of devotion. First, pray/ show gratitude to God for everything he gives. For your toothpaste since it removes raja-tama from mouth, for your food since it makes you live, for water since it nutrifies you, for darkness since darkness can be used as a meditation technique, for light so we can perform daily activities, for your PC so you can talk to other people about religion – and everything in your life. This means that every . . . → Read More: What is a good way for me to begin practicing Bhakti yoga?

How much calories can you burn doing yoga?

I just wanna lose 10 pounds or so before school starts (in like a month) Well i weight 169 and im 5"4 , i was just wondering how many calories can you burn doing yoga and how much weight do you think i would lose by september. Thanx =] HATHA A gentle form a Yoga, the most common form that focuses on basic postures that flow in and out with emphasis on breathing techniques. Hatha Yoga is what most people in the West associate with the word "Yoga" and is practiced for mental and physical health.

Calories burned in Hatha Yoga: 175 per hour Same as: a slow walk

ASHTANGA The eight limbs connoted by the word ‘Ashtanga’ refer specifically to the eight spiritual practices outlined by the Yoga Sutra, the original Yoga text which is just as relevant today as when first composed. ‘Ashtanga’ can be composed of 6 set series, each increasing with more difficulty. It is usually . . . → Read More: How much calories can you burn doing yoga?

Yoga, Religion, & Spiritual Traps

Why do people love Yoga so much? Could Yoga really just be another method of control and constraint? How can we get off the hamster wheel?

-generally fits into the same void that the Christian worldview set up “god created the world and here you are at the bottom.” “brahma is the creator and here you are at the bottom.” “if youre just good enough and follow these rules then you can have X” -still all of the guilt from Christianity -still all of the im not good enough -still im broken, but if I follow these rules then I will be fixed -you are a sinner so you must repent, you create all this karma so you have to do good deeds to get rid of it -provides another wheel to be stuck on -observe hardcore yoga or spiritual people and get the same sheltered Christian or luddite kind of mentality -obsession and fixation on the illusion of purity . . . → Read More: Yoga, Religion, & Spiritual Traps

What can you tell me about the symbols for Shiva and Shakti, the lingam and yoni?

The "wand of light" and "the scared temple"? Are they merely symbols to be meditated upon or do they produce children, both physical and spiritual? Is life itself Yoga, a constant joining, a coming together of male and female? If so what is its purpose? Have you produced any children today? Many ignorants translate "Linga" as penis which is Wrong and this myth is spread by many just to malign hinduism.

The Linga has different meanings – shapeless, without organs, long drum like, etc

penis is called linga by some people due to its shape…the actual world for penis is "Shishna"

Shiva Linga here means, Shiva without form… it is like when we die our soul is called "LING SHARIRA" now we never mean that after death we become Penis ??

Shiva being worshipped as Linga means the Consciousness in its primodal form…where Consciousness is entering into the Eternal Energy (Shakti/PRAKRITI/NATURE)…the yoni….

Thus shivalinga is the state of god, just . . . → Read More: What can you tell me about the symbols for Shiva and Shakti, the lingam and yoni?

Spiritual Uplifting Music (Best for Yoga, Relexation and Eternity)

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What are the benefits of doing yoga?

I suffer from back problems (misalignment issues that cause muscle pain), foot pain, and a lot of anxiety and stress. I know yoga will probably help with these things, but how and is there anything specific I should do? How else can yoga benefit one’s health? It’s hard to answer your question without knowing your specific back issue, but I’ll give you a few postures for the back, generally. Keep in mind that yoga should stretch and strengthen the muscles. It should not cause a sharp pain. If you have serious back problems you should check with your doctors to make sure you know what not to do before you attend a yoga class and let your yoga instructor know at the beginning of class.

Yoga has several twists that are great for the spine. You can sit in an easy sitting position (cross-legged Indian style) and, with your spine straight and all, twist from the base of the spine, . . . → Read More: What are the benefits of doing yoga?

How much does yoga help flexibility?

I want to be able to touch my toes, touch my head to me feet in a butterfly position, do the splits, and do a bridge.

I know yoga will help, but how much? I can currently get about halfway down with my knees about 5 inches from the grout in a butterfly position. About 4 inches from touching my toes. Only a little past halfway for splits and almost halfway to touching my ankles if I lean back into a sort of bridge. Yoga is commonly known as a generic term for a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline originating in ancient India. but Power Yoga is The best

Yoga is a Satanic Spiritual Practice BEWARE !!! X Yoga Instructor Speaks Out !!!

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I need to purchase a yoga mat and it be suitable for using on a carpet. Which type should I get?

I have seen various materials available and do not know which type of yoga mat would not move about on a carpet. Anyone have any clues where and what type to buy? There is a spiritual aspect attached to yoga because its based in Hinduism, Janism, and Buddhism. So basically it promotes and incorporates a specific spiritual system and religious philosophy that not everyone ascribes to. That in its self is wrong.

You can eliminate all the spiritual & religious stuff with stretch aerobics. Stretch aerobics does not have any religion or spirituality attached to it. Stretch aerobics, unlike yoga, is pure exercise.