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In 2009, a series of physical setbacks, a broken engagement and a cross-country tour left India.Arie exhausted and at a spiritual crossroads. She left the music industry to find some healing and slowly began working again over the next few years. In 2012, however, she started having serious issues with her skin and suspected she had a serious illness. As it turns out, she says, her soul was sick and manifesting in other ways. Watch as India.Arie reflects on a life-changing hike she took up a Hawaiian volcano and what it taught her about the importance of acceptance and surrender.

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Is there a difference between the spirit and soul?

I feel like there is. I’m going to use a simple comparison.

Take for example, water. This symbolizes the soul.

Then take some dye. This is the spirit. Put a few drops in the water, and it becomes something more than just a cup of water.

Then, put this mixture into a mold shaped as a human. This is the body.

This "dye" changes with each time you incarnate. It’s like giving your soul an identity, without spoiling the purpose of the body. The three work simultaneously.

What are your thoughts? @ Freethinking Liberal – Souls and spirits aren’t objects and evidence is subjective. You are correct, there is a difference. The spirit is more of a energy track, typically equated to the aura, etheric or spiritual body. The soul is referred to the atmic body or presence that resides in a mortal vessel during life and is the source of life activity. The soul energizes the . . . → Read More: Is there a difference between the spirit and soul?

How do you think I should celebrate my "BIRTHDAY" on 17 JUNE?

Am looking for something related to in the Nature, something Spiritual, Heart and Soul Oriented. Please provide very nice ideas and I want your Blessings! Happy Birthday! Since you’re a Gemini, why not have a "twins" party? Have everyone bring two of something–or something related to Twins. Celebrate "double" things–Pass out Doublemint Gum as party favor gifts. Have two of everything to eat–two kinds of chips, two kinds of soda–two kinds of appetizers. Put up a big bulletin board or large whiteboard and have people bring pictures of their siblings to display. Take pictures of your guests in pairs–and write funny captions on them. I’m sure you can use your imagination to find other "twin" ideas!

Spiritual Beggars – Save Your Soul

Artist: Spiritual Beggars Song: Save Your Soul Album: Ad Astra (Music For Nations 2000) Track: 07

let me sing for pleasure let me drink my treasure up to the mountain of faith, hit me again while you kiss your left brain you oppress you right brain ice pops up in your ass, you run with the flock

our presence is a saga, a shore beyond the horizon

save your soul

when I read Bukowski and when i read Martinus i feel magic in my soul boiling me warm do you dream of freedom or do the demons tell you there is nothing you can lose if you run with the flock?

i’m too cool to be a fool

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What is a burden and who are the burden loaders in spiritual circles?

St. Matthew’s Gospel 11:28-30

28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. In those days, the Jews had a great number of traditions which they were obliged to keep. In addition to what we call the Old Testament, many Rabbis had opinions on things which neede to be done to be a good Jew. The Roman occupation applied quick (and sometimes sloppy or over-reacting) justice. Greeks brought strange philosophies and probably ate things like pigs.

In modern times, the poor seem to be taxed while the rich get "breaks". Ministers / pastors / priests may optimistically feel that they can attract twice as many people if they can only get . . . → Read More: What is a burden and who are the burden loaders in spiritual circles?

How Do Top Spiritual Thinkers Define God? – Super Soul Sunday – Oprah Winfrey Network

How do the spiritual leaders of today define God? Iyanla Vanzant calls it her “everything,” while Michael Singer says it’s his source. Watch more thought-provoking definitions from the best of Oprah’s Soul to Soul conversations.

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How do you find people who are good for your own soul? Who just fit well with you?

Yes you can find people with similar hobbies, but not all of them will have similar ethics and spiritual visions as yourself. For example, I want to befriend people who encourage me to be my best, and who inspire me to do so. Just because someone likes to do yoga and I like to do yoga doesn’t mean we are good for each other. Great article on selecting your friends …

“A true companion is loving all the time, and is a brother that is born for when there is distress.” (Proverbs 17:17)

What are some reasons to fast–spiritual but not religious?

I have heard that fasting is a good way to have a spiritually enlightening experience. When I try to look up information about fasting for spiritual reasons, however, most of what I get is religious (Christian mainly). What can anyone tell me about fasting for deep, profound, introspective experiences, or link me somewhere I can read this info? The deal with fasting is it takes a great act of WILL to not do something in your life. Fasting can be anything you want it to be. It’s not just about food. It is a change of heart for the benefit of your own soul. If you know that you have a predilection for M&M’s……you have a bowl full on the counter. You always take a few out everytime you walk past the bowl. For a week (pick a time) you will NOT eat an M&M (and you have to leave them out!). This is a fast. Or you cannot miss . . . → Read More: What are some reasons to fast–spiritual but not religious?

What is the meaning of this spiritual revelation about me?

I attended a spiritual renewal seminar several years ago at my Parish. On the last night, I was prayed over. One of the women said that I was the purple flower in God’s garden. What does this mean? Purple is the color Catholics recognize as the regal color of a perfect soul.. she was paying you the highest of compliments in regard to the goodness she saw in you……..

What is the most spiritual place for you?

Is it under a waterfall? Meditating next to an old oak tree? Which place in your life would you say "regenerates the soul"?

Mine is a fresh water spring located in the woods behind my parents farm, the water literally bubbles from the soil forming a small pool with pure white sand draining into a river that flows down the hill nearby. A park that I visit a few times a year. It is in the Mountains and has a lake, to get to the spot that I like we paddle boat. In the summer I could sit their for hours and watch the dragonflies skim the water.

Could your Soul be controlling many lives at once, in different universes?

What if the human soul is so terribly powerful that it is controlling not one, but five or six different bodies in separate universes, all without any bleed-through of conscious memory, so that all the stories can be kept straight and all the minds are kept pure?

You’ve seen those chess boards made of lucite, where different chess games are stacked up so the players can play three games at once.

What if our understanding of the power of a human soul is incorrect, and we are much scarier entities than we think? Yes, but so few have the direct experience of that that it is far from a common awareness. Yogananda used to flit between realities. When it happens to the unconscious being they are institutionalized.

The Yoga Vashistra is written to help break down the rational mind that traps souls in one dimension. But those are not realms that the common man who is ego bound should travel. . . . → Read More: Could your Soul be controlling many lives at once, in different universes?

Spiritual Soul Sisters of Enterprise, Al

Revised Anniversary in Tupelo, Mississippi

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What causes spiritual battle in the workplace?

There is one person in my office that has a bad vibe. Whenever this person is in the office I get that vibe from them. I know this is a spiritual battle. What causes this? I’ve always looked at this type of situation as if we are walking around in a two story building. We’re on the first floor; our soul is on the second floor. Whatever is attached to this person is hanging around her soul on that second floor, and when the two of you get in the same room your souls do to. Your soul is aware of what’s bothering hers, its called discernment. Prayer is the best idea here. This person obviously has some bad stuff going on in their lives, whether it’s addiction or lust or even just bitterness, they need your prayer. This is why we’re here, to be a light in their darkness, even if they never know you are praying for them. . . . → Read More: What causes spiritual battle in the workplace?

9 Ways to Become More Spiritual – Super Soul Sunday – Oprah Winfrey Network

You don’t need to be religious to live a more spiritual life. Watch as up-and-coming spiritual teachers Gabrielle Bernstein, Mastin Kipp and Marie Forleo each give three simple ways to enlighten your life today.

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How does the concept of the soul differ in Buddhism from Hinduism?

Apparently in Hinduism there is a permanent "atman"(soul) however in Buddhist it is slightly different and it is not permanent…Can someone pls explain?

Thanks in advance Not much if anything at all because Buddhism, and Hinduism plus associated Upanishads are derived from the 4 vedas written in sanskrit over 3500 years old. 1. Prajnanam Brahma (Consciousness is Brahman) -in the Aitareya Upanishad of the Rig-Veda. 2. Aham Brahmasmi (I am Brahman) -in the Brahadaranyaka Upanishad of the yajur-Veda. 3. Tat Tvam Asi (That thou art) -in Cchandogya Upanishad of the Sama-Veda. 4. Ayam Atma Brahma (The self is Brahman) -in Mandukya Upanishad of the Atharva-Veda.

One of the 4 Veda’s, dated 1500 BCE translated form Sanskrit to Tamil by Ramana Maharshi “Tat Tvam Asi” in English is “That Thou Art”, over 1500 years later Jesus say’s, “I and My Farther are One”. Also Luke 17-21 The kingdom of God within you.

P.S This is not a polluted western religion of . . . → Read More: How does the concept of the soul differ in Buddhism from Hinduism?