How do I stop turning to religion every time things get bad?

It seems like every time I get stressed or depressed, I end up drawn towards religion. When I was a teen, I would go back to Christianity, the religion I was raised as, but it didnt make me happy. In fact, it made me feel worse than ever. I was fairly happy for awhile and life was good, but when it got bad, I found myself looking for a new crutch to rely on. This time it was Wicca. Don’t get me wrong, I think Wicca’s great, but religion just isn’t for me. I’m the type of person who generallh only believes things that have been proven. So even though I desperately wanted to believe in magic and the God and Goddess, part of me never truly did. That’s only part of the problem though. I also have an addictive personality, so when I’m religious, I’m RELIGIOUS. Wicca took up a lot of my time and quite a bit . . . → Read More: How do I stop turning to religion every time things get bad?

Is there anything different between the Chinese and Japanese spiritual beliefs?

I am watching MULAN and I just want to know. Like do they both believe in the same type of Buddhism, meditation, beliefs? Like, if a chinese person did something wrong, they believe that they will be punished and things like hat. Also, do the Japanese use incense like the Chinese, and pray in front of tablets with words on them. Anything you can think of, Thanks in advance. Probably not too much difference…one things for sure most do not worship the God of the Universe, the creator of heaven and earth. Most use idols of some sort in worship. The living God doesn’t approve of such practices.

Addt’l Applehunter: Yes there is very little difference between so called Christianity and Paganism for aren’t they doing the SAME THINGS. Which religion you know has proven they are seperate and no part of this world like Christ and his disciples. The only difference is one says they accept Christ as . . . → Read More: Is there anything different between the Chinese and Japanese spiritual beliefs?

What is the difference between meditation and studying calculus?

In meditation you are concentrating on a certain thought, sensation, sight, etc. You are concentrating on something intently, such that other thoughts are expelled from your mind. How is this different from studying? Concentrating on a maths problem or concept seems to be the same as concentrating on your breath, or a word.

You could say that in meditation, you are concentrating on something simple, whereas while studying, you are concentrating on more complex things… However some meditations require you to concentrate on certain feelings and thoughts at different stages of breathing in and out – this is rather complex. Inversely, you can be focusing on simple concepts and techniques when solving equations etc.

10pts if anyone can actually figure this out or offer some insight… The reason that the term Meditation is so confusing is that it has quite different meanings in different religions and/or Spiritual Paths. To a Protestant Christian, Meditation is simply thinking about something, hopefully Christian. . . . → Read More: What is the difference between meditation and studying calculus?

Do you believe drugs are a conduit to the spiritual realm?

I’ve noticed that with many drugs-specifically psychedelics-there is some form of spiritual "enlightenment" that the user obtains. My personal theory is that there are many layers of energy (whether it be spiritual or not) in our midst at all times. And we have 5 senses to receive 5 different forms of energy. Well I believe that drugs give us a type of 6th sense that enables us to receive that specific layer of ever-present energy-whether it’s good or harmful energy. What are all of your opinions on this? There are a couple drawbacks to the use of drugs as a way of spiritual enlightenment. First would be not knowing what may be actual and what is due to the effects of the drug and simply a hallucination. If there is some sort of experience that would be enlightening, would the person be able to get an actual clear perception of would it be altered due to the effect of the . . . → Read More: Do you believe drugs are a conduit to the spiritual realm?

Is being intellectual or spiritual just hypocrisy while in reality we are basically physical and materialistic?

Is all the talk about emancipation through knowledge or spiritual liberation merely a cover-up to hide the ugly reality of our essentially being far more oriented towards and influenced by the body and its physical and material world? It is not proper to generalize. Some intellectuals may have hidden agenda and in reality may be very physical and materialistic. But as you reach higher echelons in spirituality, your interest in materialistic things start diminishing, You enjoy meditation, relaxation and change your outlook of looking at the people and world around you. This certainly reduces interest in materialistic things.

But there are few who under disguise of spirituality have a very nasty, physical over-tunes.

Can anyone recommend any reading for me about transcendental meditation, Buddhism or Hinduism?

I have recently become interested in meditation and want to try it, though I know nothing about it. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Thanks. YOu can search the answers archive with the search word "meditation" to see what people here have said about it. I’ve said my share. Transcendental Meditaiton is a "TM" type of meditation–technically not Hindu or Buddhist but it involves paying a lot of money to go on a retreat where you get a basic HIndu mantra that you repeat while focussing on the breath. You don’t need to pay anyone any money to do that.

There are a gazillion books and Web sites on meditation practice and very many different types of meditation techniques. The simplest advice is to set aside 15 to 40 minutes a day in the morning and early evening to sit and observe your breath and be very present, not forcing yourself not to think but not . . . → Read More: Can anyone recommend any reading for me about transcendental meditation, Buddhism or Hinduism?

What is kundlini jagran and what is vipassana meditation and what is pranayama?

Are all these three anyway connected to one another?? Pls tell clearly can kundlini jagran be performed even by following vipassana meditation technique. pls tell me i am extremely curious to know about all these. Great thanx in advance. Kundalini Awakening is a Tantric practice. Best left alone by anyone wanting to continue in the modern way of life. Vipassana Meditation is a commercialized of Buddhist technique of contemplation. one is willing to pay the fees and invest the time, you can network with a lot of like minded (deluded?) people. Pranayama is just breath control. This can be quite useful as a stress reliever from the tensions of today’s living style. Practiced properly it can gradually advance one along the spiritual path.

Can meditation make inactive powers active by meditating?

I can do this every day. Can meditation make inactive powers active by meditating? If so please tell me how. I want good answers. So help help help. Thanks. Couldn’t find anything on the Internet. So help. Yes, meditation can help you get more in touch with your spiritual senses and abilities. It might have something to do with the fact that a still mind is able to tap into more of its power. Some new age people also believe it is possible to activate your shadow DNA. There is lots of information on the internet; try searching youtube for "DNA activation" or "meditation psychic abilities".

What is your favourite meditation technique ?

I am also interested in the spiritual experiences people have from meditating. As I am a long-time Buddhist practitioner I was compelled to aid a request to describe and explain what meditation is all about, I wrote a ‘manual’ for single-pointed meditation, as follows (it’s rather detailed). This is what meditation consists of:

"The most effective meditations I find require pre-planning. I suggest you find a beautiful natural spot where you won’t be disturbed- for example a mountain, a cave, by a river, a cliff, a beach or of course, beneath a tree. The time doesn’t matter really, though I have heard that the Dalai Lama prefers to meditate at Dawn.

Wear loose, comfortable clothes, drink only water for the days before and during and the less you eat, the better (so long as you don’t totally starve yourself)- especially avoid meat. Just before you prepare to start, have a cool shower or something first, go to the toilet, blow . . . → Read More: What is your favourite meditation technique ?

What are the essential ingredients of real meditation?

not the phony meditation that is taught by various gurus and in temples … but the real meditation which is effective ? I do not follow the distinction you make. There can be different outcomes.

Meditation is quieting the mind. It often also may have a focus. I think the essential difference is in the focus or outcome sought. For example, folks that seek to contact discarnate intelligences to receive advanced spiritual truths regularly do so. However many such as Buddhists, who don’t believe such exist, even in a lifetime of meditation never make any contact.

There is an obvious physical benefit in slowing the body down, but personally I see the greater benefit in obtaining a personal teacher.

How does meditation affect dreams?

Will I have more/less frequent dreams? Any spiritual ones? I heard of such instances in the internet. Please help me elaborate on your answers, thanks. Yes, I have experienced when I meditate that it affects dreams. When I am using binaural beats, specifically delta, theta and gamma waves binaural meditation music or chakra cleansing music while I sleep, I start to experience lucid dreaming. If I play meditation or binaurals in the background (you can get this off youtube very easily, just search: binaural meditation music) and I wake up around 5am, then go back to sleep – I experience not only lucid dreaming, but out-of-body OBE experiences too, where I actually able to witness myself leaving my body on a spiritual level.

I think it’s important to cleanse out all your chakras and not only will your dreams be amazing, but will have a spiritual growth significance in your waking life. I dreamed about stuff like the tree . . . → Read More: How does meditation affect dreams?

Is questioning the existence of God the very lowest level of spiritual inquiry?

In all religions is a hidden recipe for contacting the Divine, which is only partially revealed to the masses of ordinary believers.

In Christianity is meditation on the Lord, acts of love and selflessness, and single-pointed prayer to God, most often seen in great devotees, saints, monks and nuns. These are the people who care to find God, and are willing to devote themselves to this alone.

In Hinduism, there are set steps to purification of the mind, such as total truthfulness, harmlessness, non-covetousness, chastity, and the non-receiving of gifts (these are called yama.) A devotee is cautioned to never produce pain in any living thing by word, thought, or deed. These are steps necessary to accomplish before anything else.

How can we say we know that God does not exist if we have not even begun on the steps necessary to experience the Divine? Is that like standing at the door without ringing the doorbell, and stating that we . . . → Read More: Is questioning the existence of God the very lowest level of spiritual inquiry?

Are there any universities in the US centered around meditation other than the Maharishi University?

I am very interested in meditation and the ideas that surround it. Although I do not agree with many of the practices at the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa. Are there any other similar schools in the US that aren’t affiliated with the Maharishi? You are better off studying Srimad Bhagavatam (see source below for further info).

Bg 8.8 P Attaining the Supreme In this verse Lord Krsna stresses the importance of remembering Him. One’s memory of Krsna is revived by chanting the maha-mantra, Hare Krsna. By this practice of chanting and hearing the sound vibration of the Supreme Lord, one’s ear, tongue and mind are engaged. This mystic meditation is very easy to practice, and it helps one attain the Supreme Lord.

SB 3.15.25 P Description of the Kingdom of God The actual fact is that the Lord is nondifferent from His name. The highest realization of spiritual value is to chant the holy name of . . . → Read More: Are there any universities in the US centered around meditation other than the Maharishi University?

Does exercise improve spiritual health and help you to reconnect with your self?

Meditation and fasting were the two ancient methods used by people to help achieve inner peace.

But what about exercise? Does it have any benefit besides just physical and emotional health? Can it help you open up your spirit? personal experience proved me this statement is somehow true. cause I sometimes feel like I hate everything around me and even I hate the day I spent but after exercising I feel like being born again.

What is the highest level of meditation?

I understand that one must start with very basic meditations on mindfulness, single focus and being at one with the self etc. However, I have heard that once becoming master at meditation, you can reach higher levels of consciousness and get to basically the form of self. Does anyone know what this means? What is the highest level of meditations? There is no such highest or lowest levels in meditations. This distinction between the “effortful” and the “effortless” points to the contrast between skills employed during the state and traits developed as practice progresses.

Meditation is a mind-body practice in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). There are many types of meditation, most of which originated in ancient religious and spiritual traditions. Generally, a person who is meditating uses certain techniques, such as a specific posture, focused attention, and an open attitude toward distractions. Meditation may be practiced for many reasons, such as to increase calmness and physical relaxation, to . . . → Read More: What is the highest level of meditation?