Positively Positive and Agape International Spiritual Center (Part 2 of 2)

International spiritual leader, the Rev Michael Beckwith, is here with us. You may know Reverend Beckwith from the movie phenomenon, The Secret, or from his work as the founder and director of the Agape International Spiritual Center.

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What do I need to know to help people who have had financial problems?

Are there websites or books on this subject. I have a friend who has become a minister for an inner city spiritual center. I want to actually teach those who have just never been able to get a head financially, how to do it.

I would like to find out how others have done it & how anyone can do it but I have never seen any info. on this. I have never had it as bad as these people have had it. So I can’t teach from my own experience even though I have had to overcome a lot in my life. Thank you. King Solomon you attracted people who mirrored you. I have done well in my life & come a long way from where I started & I didn’t have it as bad as many people since my parents were married & both had pretty good jobs. Yet, it was really hard for me. Your . . . → Read More: What do I need to know to help people who have had financial problems?

Is hell situated at the center of the earth?

I am watching now the movie, Journey to Center of the Earth; one thing came to mind.I read in Islamic book that Habiya Zahannam or Hell is situated after 7 phases of earth.I know from environmental science that at the center of the earth, there is intensely hot core.Not sure if it is the hell.I do believe in Hell and heaven and I know from my research that they do exist but I am not religious.Why we cannot find out what is upon there by science? Well, I am a Muslim but I know about Bibel old and new testament as I have a Bibel English translation.No, Shaitan is not cast yet, all will be cast at the same time after the day of judgement.However, what I want to know can we find out its location.I can ensure you if you trust me that God, Hell, Heaven -all exist.I have come to the conclusion after a lot of study. To . . . → Read More: Is hell situated at the center of the earth?

Heart and Soul Spiritual Center Fort Myers Florida

This was the monthly fair event April 2013. A great time had by all. Ritta Thrall Director 239-561-5005 Kim Tarot Reading-239-561-5005 Bindi Universal Bio Mat – 239-7119

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what is the problem in my fate? astro research?

DOB : 16-10-1988 16.40 bangalore moola 3rd padha, and dhanu raashi

my problem is. why girls hate me, why girls dont wish to talk to me, whats problem with me?

i feel alot of shy to talk with girls, to make new friends, to talk to strangers.. more than this, no one like me, no one wish to talk to me, no one last longer what is the reason for this?

i m new age spiritual person, i know reason spiritually, because of karma and my life plan, goal i m like this..

but what is the reason in astrology, how to over come this.. i don’t require sex, at-least no true love, no care, no friendship.. not even few… not even unconditional love i mean friendship.

good looking girls hate me more, why? why girls doesnt connect to me emotionally and feel me?

i and my friend, done research/survey by talking to 170 strange girls,

we . . . → Read More: what is the problem in my fate? astro research?

Bali Spiritual Center – Demo Api Kundalini

Pencapaian spiritual tinggi adalah kebangkitan Kundalini. Banyak ciri yang dialami seseorang sebelum pencerahan fase 3. Fase 3 Kundalini adalah pencerahan sempurna di dunia yaitu disebut juga fase Tri Netra.

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Amor Spiritual Center April 14, 2013

Rev. Allen’s Talk on “Perfect Timing!”

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Agape Spiritual Center Plano TX Call (972) 468-1331

Rev. Lee Wolak of the Agape Center For Spiritual Living in Plano, Texas discusses how to find your perfect partner. Knowing who you are, defining what type of relationship you want, and becoming the person you would be if you WERE in a perfect relationship are just a few topics. Enjoy. http://agapespiritualcenter.com/, We are your Agape Spiritual Center in Plano TX. Call Us Today at (972) 468-1331

or Visit: Agape Center For Spiritual Living 7120 Dallas Parkway Plano, TX 75024 United States (972) 468-1331


Agape Center For Spiritual Living supplies Plano customers the highest quality of life through our teachings. We specialize in Spirituality, Prayer and Love. Agape Center For Spiritual Living has developed into Plano TX’s Agape Spiritual Leader. We are looking forward to serving you. For further information get in touch with us at: (972) 468-1331

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Bodhi Spiritual Center Prosperity Campaign 2013

with Mark Anthony Lord Founder & Spiritual Director Bodhi Spiritual Center, Chicago

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Himali Spiritual Center – May 4th

Himali Spiritual Center – May 4th

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From an Islamic point of view, are cities like Mecca and Jerusalem allowed to become business hubs?

I’m just wondering, under Islamic law or under an Islamic viewpoint, what should a city like Mecca and Jerusalem be like? Apart from being religious and spiritual centres, are they allowed to be financial centres? Would it be "socially acceptable" by Muslims for cities like Mecca and Jerusalem to become like New York City and Hong Kong in terms of being a centre for finance and banking?

Would it have been allowed under the Ottoman Empire? There has always been trading in Mecca, since the time of the holy prophet, so it’s not forbidden or something, but i don’t think that a city like Mecca can be specialized in business like NY city, it’s still a holy place and will always be a destination for religious matters rather than business, also remember that non Muslims aren’t allowed to enter Mecca.

Don’t you think all hospitals should have spirituality centers as integral part of it?

Patients treatment, irrespective of disease depends so much of faith, trust, psychological counseling and passing on right vibrations. All these issues are tackled very well by modern spirituality.

While some hospitals do have spirituality center and even give training to their staff lot needs to be done yet.

What are your views ? Edit – Let me clarify. I am not at all implying any religious thoughts or religions to be liked to this center. This center would purely work on giving spiritual counseling to patients. As you have rightly mentioned, the spiritual centre must be kept carefully and scrupulously free from any influence of any particular religion. There is indeed an element of psychological as well as spiritual aspects in any healing apart from the biological, physical and chemical aspects. This is best understood by looking at the role of faith…. when we have full faith in a doctor, the treatment given by him, even if theoretically inferior, . . . → Read More: Don’t you think all hospitals should have spirituality centers as integral part of it?

Dera Baba Sawan Singh Spiritual Center | Ishwar Puri

http://HazurSawanIshwarPuri.com/dera/ Ishwar Puri Ji tribute to His Satguru – The Great Master Hazur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji – announces the creation of the Dera Baba Sawan Singh Spiritual Center in Bruce, Wisconsin, USA. Seva and Donations are very welcome.

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Did you know the numbers used in spiritual symbology can be related to plain old physics?

12 is for 12 vortexes, spirals of energy at work on our world. 7 represents light. The six colors that come from light, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and it’s higher octave, white or clear light. And 3 is pyramid power. As the universe is actully a globe shape. And the Lifeforce flows out from the center in a pyramid shape. I’m not surprised since God made them both.

Is it possible to become spiritual without religion?

I haven’t got a religion, but I want to become a spiritual person. How do I do that? (And there’s just no way I can force myself to believe in God because I’m afraid I’m more into science, you know what I mean?) Check out your local Center for Spiritual Living. You can look them up on the internet.

Peace and Namaste!