Christians, does the bible end with Paul letters, or are the books that are being written today included?

Think about it. There are spiritual books being written all the time with people sharing their faith and their walk with God. I have read a lot of spiritual books that has touched me spiritually, and the way I see it. How do we know that God is not continuing on with the bible?

A lot of us have stories, knowledge and experience to share of God grace and blessings, so I do not believe that the bible ends with Paul letters. The bible ends with Revelation. But I agree with you — arrogant and self-righteous human ‘authorities’ may have slammed shut the door on God’s mind, but that doesn’t stop God from continuing to reveal. It only stops them from recognizing revelation when it happens.

You know what’s ironic? The biblical canon includes a promise Jesus makes to his apostles: that the Holy Spirit would continue to reveal things to them. Paul is himself an example of . . . → Read More: Christians, does the bible end with Paul letters, or are the books that are being written today included?

Spiritual books – Stolen Idol Kindle book Trailor

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How to get back the joy of living?

I am destroying my relationship with my boyfriend by being sad, crying, and feeling insecure. I really hate that I’m this way and I hate it even more because I want to make my boyfriend happy and it makes him so sad when I’m like this. We almost broke up the other night because I had another breakdown and started crying for no reason, but I convinced him to stay with me by telling him I was going to fix it. Times in the past when I’ve felt fulfilled and happy have been times when I was spiritually connected and serving others, so I have bought some spiritual books, started praying and meditating again, plan on going to church on Sunday, am seeking out volunteer work opportunities, and have set up an appointment with a therapist. I can see this working to turn things around for me eventually, but I need to be happy NOW so I don’t lose the . . . → Read More: How to get back the joy of living?

Is it wrong to do yoga and can it mess with your head?

I was reading a spiritual book and it listed all the practices that could lead to saton entering your life and one of them was yoga. Then you weren’t reading a Spiritual book, you were reading a Religious text written by an ignoramus. Yoga is a system. It has a physical component (for which it is most famous), but it has philosophical and spiritual elements if you choose to delve more deeply. The word ‘Yoga’ means ‘Union’. The object of Yoga is to make you Whole. The ‘Union’ being that you become an integrated person, Mind, body and Spirit, and that this in turn leads to Union with God, or The Divine if you prefer. So these badly informed screaming preachers who claim that a system designed to bring you to Union with God is going to let Satan into your life clearly need to do more research. Now personally I think Jesus was an amazing person, and I respect . . . → Read More: Is it wrong to do yoga and can it mess with your head?

How much books or pages can you read in one day?

How much pages&books you can read one day? How much is possible read in one day,If you read fast or maximum? Give some good non-fiction spiritual,consciousness books names? Do you think reading fiction is useless and many books are in world are also useless for example novels like Harry Potter ? Fiction is the telling of stories. Stories have been the bedrock of human entertainment (and a pretty sdignificant building=block of human civilisation) for ten thousand years or more. If you think that’s useless, then you probably think most human achievements are useless. Which, in the Great Scheme of Things, they probably are, but what the hell?

But the point is that if books are useless, then so are films, music, the theatre, sport and an awful lot of other things. I don’t know about you; but I wouldn’t enjoy living in a world without these things.

Native American ~ Spiritual Music ~

A combination of graphics and native american spiritual music. Please rate if you enjoy!

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Are Humans Still Animals? Are We Really Much Different Than The Beast?

I Used to think we were completely separate from the beast, until I read this book "The Present" at:

Upon reading it, I realized that we are still very much like animals. Not only physically do we resemble them, our behavior for the most part still operates from the instinctual mind (where greed, racism, aggression, violence, sex, etc comes from). We respond directly to a stimulus in our environment like animals as well. Some humans behave worse than animals in some situations. If you study animal behavior and have an open and non-biased mind to observe your and others behavior, the truth is staring right at us I feel.

What do you think? Are we really just smarter animals? We are something more than just "smarter animals", we are capable of CONSCIOUSNESS, but to reach that state, our spiritual state, we need to see the truth about ourselves and about our MIND.

Here’s an excerpt from page 6 . . . → Read More: Are Humans Still Animals? Are We Really Much Different Than The Beast?

I am looking for a specialized literary agency?

I wrote a book on the ultimate (spiritual) truth, but it seems very difficult to find a literary agency that is interested in such a book. The book is "Gold", but needs a literary agent who is able to understand the importance of the work. Does anyone know if there are literary agencies, specialized in real spiritual / religious books? Warwick Associates specializes in spiritual and mission driven book publishing. I think this firm is what you are looking for.

They are located in California. I recommend you email or call them for a free 30 minute consultation.

Learn more at their website:

Hope this helps,

- Bo


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Watch the sequel to Esoteric Agenda, Kymatica here:

. . . → Read More: Esoteric Agenda – FULL LENGTH MOVIE – WELCOME TO YOUR AWAKENING!

A spiritual book based on why certain people come into your life?

I’m looking for a book based on lessons you learn when it comes to people in your life. Like nothing is coincedence, something like that. Thanks. It would be a work of fiction, since there is no metaphysical reason.

what are must read spiritual texts?

I’m working on reading the whole bible and the dhammapada.. I love reading buddhist things btw. I’m christian but I want some opinions on good spiritual books to check out? I would recommend the following link, where you can download various spiritual books for free as pdf files. I would recommend the one titled "Attaining the Worlds Beyond" to start with.

I hope you find them helpful, all the best.

Rihanna admits she’s an Illuminati Princess and proof Jay-Z is a Satanist

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Are Atheists more intelligent than Spiritual people?

. Are they knocking on the wrong door?

How can they expect to get Earthly knowledge from Spiritual books?

. what exactly is spirit or spiritual?

Which spiritual book would you recommend others to read?

I would recommend……….

"Love’s Quiet Revolution: The End of the Spiritual Search"

by Scott Kiloby. i would recommend ”Bagavath Geetha”

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