Stress/anger/depression help?

I have been dealing with anger my whole life my stress about school and life triggers my anger which then makes me depressed I get so frustrated with my life I feel like I can do anything right and I won’t be able to accomplish my goals and feel like its to late to accomplish my dreams/goals, aswell from that I have been being such a jerk to my friends and classmates and they been acting mean back to me. I want to start refresh like just let my old self a way and be a person who is humble and calm, I have major anger issues when I get angry I lose it. Can someone please help me what to do I feel like I’m on the edge on breaking and just giving up on my self and goals. I DO SEE A PSHYCOLGIST and therapist I was like this inhighschool too until I discovered buddhism. That sent . . . → Read More: Stress/anger/depression help?

Are Humans Still Animals? Are We Really Much Different Than The Beast?

I Used to think we were completely separate from the beast, until I read this book "The Present" at:

Upon reading it, I realized that we are still very much like animals. Not only physically do we resemble them, our behavior for the most part still operates from the instinctual mind (where greed, racism, aggression, violence, sex, etc comes from). We respond directly to a stimulus in our environment like animals as well. Some humans behave worse than animals in some situations. If you study animal behavior and have an open and non-biased mind to observe your and others behavior, the truth is staring right at us I feel.

What do you think? Are we really just smarter animals? We are something more than just "smarter animals", we are capable of CONSCIOUSNESS, but to reach that state, our spiritual state, we need to see the truth about ourselves and about our MIND.

Here’s an excerpt from page 6 . . . → Read More: Are Humans Still Animals? Are We Really Much Different Than The Beast?

What is a burden and who are the burden loaders in spiritual circles?

St. Matthew’s Gospel 11:28-30

28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. In those days, the Jews had a great number of traditions which they were obliged to keep. In addition to what we call the Old Testament, many Rabbis had opinions on things which neede to be done to be a good Jew. The Roman occupation applied quick (and sometimes sloppy or over-reacting) justice. Greeks brought strange philosophies and probably ate things like pigs.

In modern times, the poor seem to be taxed while the rich get "breaks". Ministers / pastors / priests may optimistically feel that they can attract twice as many people if they can only get . . . → Read More: What is a burden and who are the burden loaders in spiritual circles?

what is the problem in my fate? astro research?

DOB : 16-10-1988 16.40 bangalore moola 3rd padha, and dhanu raashi

my problem is. why girls hate me, why girls dont wish to talk to me, whats problem with me?

i feel alot of shy to talk with girls, to make new friends, to talk to strangers.. more than this, no one like me, no one wish to talk to me, no one last longer what is the reason for this?

i m new age spiritual person, i know reason spiritually, because of karma and my life plan, goal i m like this..

but what is the reason in astrology, how to over come this.. i don’t require sex, at-least no true love, no care, no friendship.. not even few… not even unconditional love i mean friendship.

good looking girls hate me more, why? why girls doesnt connect to me emotionally and feel me?

i and my friend, done research/survey by talking to 170 strange girls,

we . . . → Read More: what is the problem in my fate? astro research?