Is there a certain time of day that Native American flutes are usually played?

The instrument was originally very personal; its music was played without accompaniment in courtship, healing, meditation, and spiritual rituals. I’m just wondering if there were ever a common time of day to play the native American flute? For example maybe it was played usually at night? Did it matter? Whenever to mood struck….

What is proper self paced spiritual meditation retreat etiquette?

I’ve never been on a spiritual retreat yet, I know it’s sad, but I was wondering if we had to be in a meditative posture the whole time or if it was proper to lay on the grass face up or face down after doing the group led activities and they let us go on our own. Or should I do walking meditation if Im not in a sitting posture. It’s in the Theravada tradition I believe. Serious answers only. It will be from 9 am until 5pm. It sounds like you’re going to a group retreat. If so, the organizers of the retreat will have determined the schedule in advance and everyone will be expected to follow the schedule very closely. This helps participants let go of their ideas and concerns about the retreat – just follow the schedule!

Most likely the retreat will be a mix of sitting meditation and walking meditation, with a break for lunch. . . . → Read More: What is proper self paced spiritual meditation retreat etiquette?

Who is the greatest spiritual leader that ever lived?

Who is the greatest spiritual leader that ever lived? Why do you think him/her is the greatest spiritual leader? Jesus Christ

How much is too much for reading books?

Many people read news papers.Some people read essential books. Few people read novels and very few read historical and spiritual books.Question is How much is too much and Too much is how much for an individual or to a common man? There is NEVER too much reading. Being informed on a wide variety of subjects is the key to being a well-rounded intelligent individual. What’s most important is WHAT you read versus how much. I read a variety of newspapers from varying viewpoints and arrive at my own conclusions on the matter at hand. Many publications write in a way that expresses their own views- it is important to arrive at your own conclusions. – You should always read as much as you can.

Where can i find yoga supplies in Kuwait?

I have been looking for yoga mats and clothes for a long time but can’t seem to find any good supplies in Kuwait. I can’t shop online because of personal matters.If anyone lives in Kuwait could you please kindly suggest a good store where i can find yoga supplies. Some exercise is based tools such as the use of bicycles. Running on the tracks. But the exercise of yoga refers to the administration to muscle strength but also the administrative heart. And a powerful spiritual wisdom.

Practice yoga postures called Asanas Yoga is a practice and hold that position for a period of one Yoga focuses on strength and flexibility of the spine makes the blood and nutrients to the spinal cord cultured nerve add Yoga will make the work of various glands and endocrine system work better.

Posture of yoga is stretching the muscles in the form of yoga. And is consistent with the breathing is a . . . → Read More: Where can i find yoga supplies in Kuwait?

¿Why is improper to eat meat of cow and others animals?

I am from Colombia (South America) and made this question, but the users of YahooSpain made fun of me, and told me "dont be foolish, eat meat". They are drowning in ignorance. I am sure that in a country can exist a rooted vicious that people see as a normal thing, without consecuences. But I have read de Bhagavad Gita 5 times, and there is repeated the idea of not eating meat. In Yahoo Spain I got just one answer satisfactory for me, that explained the metaphysics reasons for not doing that, because delaid the development of soul and affect the resoning. You, indian peope, that know more this topic, could tell me, ¿why is bad to eat meat? But tell me reasons diferent to not to kill animals because are abundant meal in nature. ¿How dangerous is this for the destiny of a human being?

In Latin America people eat lots of eat, but I think they are wrong, . . . → Read More: ¿Why is improper to eat meat of cow and others animals?

Do people who do yoga rather that rougher exercise end up in better shape after 50?

I see that people have trouble with their hips & knees & old injuries act up as people get older…Is there any proof a person who does yoga is is better shape in there 70′s than someone who lifted weights & played football or did otther things that brought injuries….I go to a spiritual center where the people look fabulous in there 70′s & they meditate & do yoga so I am wondering it there is any statistics on this or if anyone else noticed this to be true or not. There have been some conventional, scientific medicine (allopathy) based studies on health benefits of Hatha yoga.

Here are a few articles describing those studies:

"The Power of Yoga" Time magazine, Apr 15, 2001,8599,106356,00.html

American Council on Exercise

See link to .pdf titled "ACE Yoga Study":

"Yoga Under the Microscope"

Namaste’, dwb

The Pharmacratic Inquisition DVD – Official Online Edition

This is the original, lower quality version from Google video and has all of the available subtitles attached. As time permits, we’ll update the subtitles for the Youtube version. Both versions are the same excluding the introduction and quality.

How deep does the rabbit hole go? Gnostic Media is proud to present the official online edition of The Pharmacratic Inquisition 2007. If you enjoyed “Zeitgeist – The Movie”, you will love this video; the creators of this video are listed as one of the sources for the Zeitgeist Movie. The Pharmacratic Inquisition 2007 is a video version of the book, “Astrotheology & Shamanism” by Jan Irvin & Andrew Rutajit. The painstakingly detailed and heavily footnoted research in the book comes to life in this video and is now available to you for FREE! For further research of the claims made in this video, please read AstroTheology & Shamanism – this book is available to order as a combo with . . . → Read More: The Pharmacratic Inquisition DVD – Official Online Edition

Angel Academy – Ep.4 Living From the Heart “Natural Enlightenment”

Angel Academy Ep.4 Starring Drunvalo Melchizedek, Jordan David, Kristopher Love, Dyani Deviprema, Amateo Ra, Jake Ducey, Arcturus Ra and Jnana Patch. This episode focuses on the heart alone and is focused into 3 parts. This is Part 1. Living from the heart is a huge part of the transformation into self realization. Ascension can only fully take place from the state of True love, Self realization, or Unity Consciousness. Check out Spirit Science 21 ~ The Torus.

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Duration : 0:8:39

Chakra GROUNDING Meditation

Chakra Grounding Meditation – A short 9 minute Meditation that Grounds the Chakras

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Duration : 0:9:6

Rickie Byars Beckwith – “In The Land Of I Am”

Rickie Byars Beckwith performs “In The Land Of I Am,” live from the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, CA. Visit for more information.

Duration : 0:6:36

How do i start a conversation, and make new friends?

I am bland and never have i done anything out of the usual. I’m not those crazy guys, nor am i those guys who spend a lot of time playing games.

Many people i talk to try to relate to me, and i am speechless. I don’t know what to talk about mainly because i never hear of it.

Please do help, how do i have an in depth conversation with someone and make new friends?

My interest is art, i am a free spirit and am willing to try things i that i have never done and is healthy for me.

I technology, i can be a nerd sometimes when it comes to computers. But this is only part of a the main thing i like.

Business, someday i want to be a successful business owner. or something else to do in the medical field. I always liked helping people when their hurt, emotionaly and physically.

I am also . . . → Read More: How do i start a conversation, and make new friends?

What is your definition of serenity ?

Is it tranquil state of mind ? or a very calm and quite ambiance and atmosphere ? or a state of deep spiritual meditation where you stop receiving inputs from all sensory perception ? Yes, you are right…. serenity is indeed used for both, that is for the state of mind as well as for the state of ambient environment, although I believe that it is more to do with the state of mind and even when we refer to externals as serene, what we really mean is that those externals help our mind to achieve the state of serenity. Tranquility is a reasonably close synonym.

I understand serenity by differentiating it from peace…… peace is the state ’caused’ by the absence of disturbing elements whereas serenity is the state achieved by the attitude of detached equanimity….. in other words, peace is generated by the favorable state of emotions and externals whereas serenity is self-generated by the toned mind irrespective . . . → Read More: What is your definition of serenity ?

How do you live everyday with "love, grace, and gratitude"?

"Happiness cannot be traveled to, earned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual existence of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude." I wake up in the morning and remind myself to make the most of the day. I challenge myself to go out of my way to help others, and say positive nice things to those who need a pick up. I remind myself to be thankful for what I do have, instead of focusing on what others have that I don’t have. If I’m feeling down about myself, I think of all the people who love me, the people who would miss me if I disappeared.

How do I start a book study group?

I am trying to get a book study group started. We are going to study spiritual books by various authors (non-fiction) I am going to start with A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. What are the essentials for getting a book study group started. What do I need to do as a facilitator? IDK, get some friends to join, put some flyers up around school.