♥ Native American Music – Healing ‘Soul Spirit Song’ – Relaxing Music & Ocean by Kenneth St. King



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By Kenneth St. King. Native American Peaceful Healing Music. NEW 2012. Relax and chill out with my healing Soul Spirit Song. Relaxing, Peaceful Music with gentle “heartbeat” drums, beautiful vocal harmonies and ocean and Nature sounds. A song that soothes the body, mind and spirit. Healing music for the soul! The drum beat represents a strong healthy beating heart within. The sweet vocal harmonies represent the relationship between body mind and spirit. I was fortunate enough to acquire the services of two of my beautiful young nieces for the video. My niece Vyna’s upturned palms while dancing on the beach signify “receiving the gifts bestowed upon us by the Universal Source/Creator”. Her gentle swaying to the beat represents “going with the flow” of life, rather than fighting against life. My young niece Noelani, represents the “child within’….we should never forget we all still have the “small child we once . . . → Read More: ♥ Native American Music – Healing ‘Soul Spirit Song’ – Relaxing Music & Ocean by Kenneth St. King

Guided healing and cleansing meditation

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This is done as follows – Find a comfortable position at any time you prefere, either sitting or lying down. Doing it before going to sleep is a good time as you are more open to receiving external energy and input in a sleep mode. As you sit or lay down, relax your body, and visualize yourself open up to receive the energy of me, Edward Alexander, and say to yourself that you accept the energy I send out to reach you and benefit you and help you with your desired goals.

You may also ask your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angel to oversee the process and protect you and assist you in receiving the energy.

Then take 13 deep inhalations through your nose, where you hold the breath as long you can for each one, and slowly blow it out through your mouth. As . . . → Read More: Guided healing and cleansing meditation

Gerry Greig and the History of Science of Mind

Be sure to visit the Spiritual Broadcast Network – Your GoTo place for all things spiritual. You will find many other live shows, over three hundred hours of spiritual documentaries, movies and much more. http://www.sbnvideo.tv

Religious Science, also known as Science of Mind, was established in 1927 by Ernest Holmes (1887–1960) and is a spiritual, philosophical and metaphysical religious movement within the New Thought movement. In general, the term “Science of Mind” applies to the teachings, while the term “Religious Science” applies to the organizations. However, adherents often use the terms interchangeably.

In his book, The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes stated “Religious Science is a correlation of laws of science, opinions of philosophy, and revelations of religion applied to human needs and the aspirations of man.” He also stated that Religious Science/Science of Mind (RS/SOM) is not based on any “authority” of established beliefs, but rather on “what it can accomplish” for the people who practice it.[1] Today the . . . → Read More: Gerry Greig and the History of Science of Mind

Gayatri Mantra – Vyanah

OM Bhur Bhuvas Svaha Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayât

We meditate on the glory of the Creator; Who has created the Universe; Who is worthy of Worship; Who is the embodiment of Knowledge and Light; Who is the remover of all Sin and Ignorance; May He enlighten our Intellect.

The Gayatri Mantra has been revered for thousands of years by both Hindus and Buddhists alike.. It is called “The Mantra of Spiritual Light.” It heals the body, feeds the Spirit and illumines the Intellect.

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We are light beings – Chris Griscom, Galisteo New Mexico

Chris Griscom has long been recognized as a spiritual leader and visionary of truly global stature. Her great love for the earth and its peoples has inspired her to travel the world, reminding us all of the sacredness of life. Her teachings about connecting with our Divine Essence and Expanded Consciousness are encapsulated in her many renowned books and tapes. Chris established The Light Institute in the ancient, pastoral village of Galisteo in 1985. The Light Institute swiftly earned it’s present-day reputation as a ground breaking spiritual center for phenomenal work in facilitating spiritual growth and healing. Ms. Griscom’s innate wisdom, as well as decades of spiritual work and her compassion for the health and vitality of people’s souls has made her the preeminent leader in Spiritual Healing and Multi-Incarnational exploration.

Chris Griscom is an internationally acclaimed Spiritual Teacher, Healer, and Visionary. She is the author of fourteen books, which have been translated into thirteen languages, and is the world’s . . . → Read More: We are light beings – Chris Griscom, Galisteo New Mexico

What would you call people who dutifully trashcan spiritual books belonging to other religions?

they are small minded people who Satan has control of their every word and every action. their minds and bodies are disabled by the demons in hell and we need to pray for them to be set free so they can be good and honest people.


Spiritual Camps for my dad in Bangalore?

I need information on any spiritual/yoga camps which are happening in and around Bangalore. I want my dad to calm down and listen to a few good talks for a while. I guess this would be a good opportunity for him to interact with different people. Any job opening in a temple would be a good choice as well. Please let me know if you have any information. log on to www.vethathiri.org and find out the nearest Sarala Kundalini Yoga and Dyana centres nearest to your home in Bangalore. This is being run by World Community Service Centre, Aliyar, Pollachi Talku, Coimbatore district, a non profit oriented institution. The person who founded this institution was Shri Vethathiri Maharshi, who is no more.This is the best place for all. U can also visit the centre and know what is going on there. They teach Meditation, Kayakalpa (Kegel exercise), simple yogic exercises, very nice discourses about self-realisation.

If religion can alter their views on Astronomy to accept that the Earth is not the center of the universe…?

is it possible that one day they might be able to modify their views on Creation to accept evolution?

Overwhelming evidence caused the church to abandon the belief that the Earth is the center of the universe. They now believe that Earth is the Spiritual center of the universe, which I guess is more plausible. So is there any possibility at all, as small as it may be, that they might be able accept evolution as part of Creation rather than completely denying that it’s even a thing? pope already accepted the possiblity. Of course, they’ve "accepted" it in a way that conforms to their own beliefs…"oh, this is how God works…" blah blah blah

I’m waiting to see how the various religions will react to homosexuality being *strongly* influenced by genetics. As in, being gay is NOT a choice.

going to be *very* interesting

Are there any biological functions that can not be explained without the concept of a spiritual soul?

Okay, ASSUMING that a spiritual soul could explain a physical event, what biological functions are currently unexplained without the concept of a soul? No. All that exists is a fallacious argument that if we don’t know how something works, that must mean that there is something supernatural. (We don’t know everything about rainbows, so leprechauns explain what we don’t know.)

Spiritual Guided Meditation and Imagery For Healing Meditation Video

This is a full length guided meditation for whole-body Healing. To download, visit http://www.DoctorMoses.com.

Let me guide you into a wonderful state of Healing Love. (Yes, the entire meditation is posted here!) -Dr. Moses

Thank you for listening!

May the Divine Spirit fill You with Peace and Love.

Written, Composed, and Produced by: Dr. Moses Nasser, D.O. “Dr. Moses.” Published by One Source Healing, Inc. Copywrite 2011, all rights reserved. For distribution, please contact Dr. Moses via email: onesourcehealing@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you!

Are you ready to allow the Divine Light to overcome all darkness and disease within your body? Are you ready to experience True Healing, Now? Do you want to learn Meditation and Inner Peace? Do you want to experience “Mind-Body Healing,” in a deeply Spiritual way? If you answered yes, then let Dr. Moses uplift your soul to new levels of Healing, Life, and Light. His deep, loving voice, and his beautiful . . . → Read More: Spiritual Guided Meditation and Imagery For Healing Meditation Video


HinduAcademyhttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/HinduAcademyEducationquestions on yoga, FTVT1050FROM PHYSICAL TO SPIRITUAL YOGA

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Twin Souls: When Love Incarnates

The longing for our perfect mate is a need engraved in our DNA.

We harbor a desire for restoration and unity, and search for the piece that is always missing.

In our journey through life, the search continues for something that can’t be readily found.

It is a quest for wholeness.

We search for ourselves in others in a quest for healing and integration, in the constant pursuit of the final point of balance: the Zero Point where our Matter meets our Higher Self or Soul, where matter meets anti-matter.

The Point or center of gravity from where we can again be just ONE.

One Note inserted once again into the Symphony of Creation.

In the beginning, the Twins were created in God, the Alpha and the Omega.

In an ovoid white-fire-spirit-light, the Soul was split just like the atom into two identical parts, or Twin Flames: each with the same identical soul blueprint, but with different purposes.

. . . → Read More: Twin Souls: When Love Incarnates

Dr Zakir Naik – Urdu 26th November 2011 – Dr.Zakir Naik se Pochhiye — Sawal wa Jawab – Part 3 HQ

Urdu Peace Conference 2011 “Dr Zakir Naik se Poochhiye — Sawaal wa Jawaab ka Khula Ijlaas” [Ask Dr. Zakir] An Exclusive Open Question & Answer Session held at Somaiya Ground Mumbai, India on 26/11/2011, as shown on Peace TV.

In this Open Questions and Answers Session Dr. Zakir Naik answered Queries of Audience on Islam and Comparitive religions and solved their Misconceptions about Islam and its Teaching. Most of the Questions were from Querious Non Muslims. Many Brothers and Sister Embraced Islam on this Day.


A medical doctor by professional training, Dr. Zakir Naik is renowned as a dynamic international orator on Islam and Comparative Religion. Dr. Zakir Naik is the president of Islamic Research Foundation, Mumbai. Dr. Zakir clarifies Islamic viewpoints and clears misconceptions about Islam, using the Qur’an, authentic Hadith and other religious Scriptures as a basis, in conjunction with reason, logic and scientific facts. He is 44 years old.

He is popular for his . . . → Read More: Dr Zakir Naik – Urdu 26th November 2011 – Dr.Zakir Naik se Pochhiye — Sawal wa Jawab – Part 3 HQ

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living With Peggy Lebo, “All are Welcome Here” – Encinitas Churches

http://www.SeasideCenter.org. When Peggy Lego sings, people listen. And when people visit Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas, California, they have an amazing, uplifting, spiritual experience. “All are Welcome Here” is the name of the song featured in this video. It was co-authored by Rev. Christian Sorensen, the spiritual leader of Seaside and Peggy Lebo. What the lyrics say is true… everyone is welcome at Seaside. There are two Sunday services and a Wednesday evening service. Families welcome. Great activities for teens. Tons of personal growth, finance, and spiritual classes for all backgrounds and all faiths. Join us at 1613 lake Drive in Encinitas. Call 760-753-5786. http://www.SeasideCenter.org. Visit Peggy’s site at www.PeggyLebo.com. Video Courtesy of http://www.DahlMarketing.com.

Duration : 0:2:23

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You are a healer!!! part 7~ With BDevine

Welcome everyone, I hope you are enjoying this series of videos,dedicated to teaching you, that you are in fact a born healer, and how you can begin to facilitate a healing on yourself, others, plants animals, and indeed most importantly, the world.. Apologies , there is no distant healing in the video, but please check out the healing meditation here:










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*PLEASE NOTE – DISCLAIMER * All information given here, is free to use for anyone. I am showing you the way that I facilitate healings on myself, and clients through personal and distance healings, with personal experience, over the last 20 years. I am not endorsed by any company whatsoever, . . . → Read More: You are a healer!!! part 7~ With BDevine