Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan at FAST University 2012

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Tablighi jamat 6 numbers Six Principles The method adopted by Muhammad Ilyas was simple. It was to organize units (called jamaats, Arabic: جماعتِ ‎ meaning Assembly) of at least ten persons and send them to various villages. This unit jamaat, would visit a village, invite the local Muslims only to assemble in the mosque and present their message in the form of Six Principles. Muhammad Ilyas articulated six demands in the form of Six Principles which are quintessential to Tabligh Jamaat’s teachings. These six principles are: 1. Kalmah: An article of faith in which the tablighi accepts that there is no god but Allah and the Prophet Muhammad is His Last messenger”. Yet it is not as simple as proclaiming tawheed, rather it also has to do with having conviction that every single thing is done by the will of Allah. Moreover, the fact that not a leaf can fall from . . . → Read More: Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan at FAST University 2012

Acts of Faith – lyanla Vanzant in Dallas part 2

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Iyanla Vanzant was recorded Nov. 3rd 2006 at tha Center for Spiritual Living in Dallas TX. Iyanla Vanzant, An immensely popular public speaker, Ms. Vanzant is rated as one of the top ten Orators in the country. She is a Yoruba priestess and an ordained minister in Christian New Thought teaching an accessible process for discovering spiritual identity and its inherent power.

Iyanla Vanzant is The author of 13 titles—including five New York Times bestsellers. Three years in a row this celebrated author has won the coveted “Blackboard Book of the Year”- for Acts of Faith (1993), The Value in the Valley (1995), and Faith in the Valley (1996). Ms. Vanzant was honored “Alumni of the Year” in 1994 by the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Education, an organization made up of the presidents and administrators of the 117 predominantly Black colleges in America. She is the . . . → Read More: Acts of Faith – lyanla Vanzant in Dallas part 2

Breath Awareness Technique – Chat about Meditation

Meditation is a useful tool in any person’s spiritual journey. Meditation helps to centre and ground us, as well as bring peace, focus and clarity to our minds. There are many physical benefits to meditation, as well as the spiritual benefits of connecting us with our Higher Selves and Guides. By meditating, we bring more light into our body and raise our vibrations.

In this video I have shared a useful meditative technique that helped me to get into the habit of meditating, and I hope will help many others.

Enjoy this clip! Love Kate xoxo



Duration : 0:7:48

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Jan 8, 2012 – Bishop Carlton Pearson, Guest Speaker

January 8, 2012 Bishop Carlton Pearson Guest Speaker Bodhi Spiritual Center, Chicago

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Hindus; What is the spiritual reason of a Yoga Narasimha behind a Sudarsana Chakra Moorti Statue in Temples?

1) Sri Sudarsana and Yoga Narasimha (From Sri Narayana Dasan’s Blog):

Tantric texts are based on the doctrine that the body is identical to the universe. Vishnu is seen as the supreme purusha who has no beginning or end and is both with a form and formless. Lakshmi becomes the moola prakriti or shakti of Vishnu. Purusha (Vishnu) and Prakriti (LakshmI) are inseparable and their union lead to creation of the universe.

Lakshmi Tantram describes an expansion of Lakshmi (Sri) in the form of Agni and calls it kriya shakti and mentions that Sudarsahana manifests from this kriya shkati of ‘Sri’. Laksmi tantram also says that this form of kriya shakti: as Sudarshana creates, protects and destroys this universe. Creation begins when the kriya shakti of ‘Sri’ merges with ‘Purusha’. So the form of Sudarshana chakra with Narasimha behind maybe seen as a form of Narasimha (purusha) with the ‘Sri’ shakti to jointly take the form of Lakshmi Narasimha. . . . → Read More: Hindus; What is the spiritual reason of a Yoga Narasimha behind a Sudarsana Chakra Moorti Statue in Temples?

Deida – Sexual Therapy, Sexual Yoga, & Spiritual Practice

David Deida – Sexual Therapy, Sexual Yoga, & Spiritual Practice

Duration : 0:10:51

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The Spiritual Soul Of Elvis Part 1.avi

TheElvisforever, Spiritual, Soul, Of, Elvis, Part, 1The Spiritual Soul Of Elvis Part 1.avi

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Doreen Virtue about 2012 and the end of Mayan Calendar

The spiritual world talks a lot of 2012. Everybody seems to have a statement or a special expectation. Doreen Virtue got her own opinion.

Doreen Virtue is a spiritual doctor of psychology and a fourth-generation metaphysician who works with the angelic, elemental, and ascended-master realms in her writings and workshops. Doreen is the author of more than 20 books about angels, chakras, Crystal Children, Indigo Children, health and diet, and other mind-body-spirit issues, including the best-selling Healing with the Angels and Messages from Your Angels books/angel cards.

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The Practice of Love and Kindness – a Buddhist View

Center for Spiritual Living, Simi Valley — 07-15-12 Talk by Rev. Kusula Bhikshu

Duration : 0:37:16

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Learn to Sing Carnatic Vocal Range Exercises Sowmya

Buy this DVD at: Follow us on: and Carnatic music has a very ancient and traditional background a melody-based system. You will come across when dealing with Carnatic music are: Raga, Tala, Kriti, Varnam, Padam, Javali, Tillana, Alapana, Tanam, Neraval, Kalpanaswara and Tani Avartanam. Ahir Bhairav eases feeling and mitigates dust allergies and skin disease. Good for arthritic conditions; Amrutavarshini alleviates diseases related to heat; Ananda Bhairavi supresses stomach pain in both men and women. Reduces kidney type problems. Controls blood pressure; Bagesri helps in attaining Guru’s grace; Bhairavi reduces anxiety, pressures, skin, disease, allergies; Bhupala to awaken someone out of deep sleep ; Charukesi rejuvenates the mind helping one to age gracefully. Desh the suppression of the senses releases a negative force. The process of sublimation needs a spiritual path;provides its energy to the listener serenity, peace, inner joy, right valor, universal love and patriotism; Dwijavanti quells paralysis and sicorders of the mind; Ganamurte is helpful . . . → Read More: Learn to Sing Carnatic Vocal Range Exercises Sowmya

Positively Positive and Agape International Spiritual Center (Part 1 of 2)

This week if you need to be inspired, you’ve come to the right place. Eric Handler, co-founder of Positively Positive, shares his message . . . a message that has over a million fans on Facebook.

Duration : 0:16:50

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To those who are spiritual, where in the human body is the soul located?

And how can it survive death?

If your soul is your personality, your memories, and everything that makes up you, that is your brain…the brain shuts down and doesn’t survive death. And to those who say you are a soul and your body is your shell, that is not very accurate, I think. Because "you" are your brain. Technically.

So, what I’m getting at is, how is life after death possible? In my faith, the body is not a "container" of the spirit, but rather a medium. Spirit, in my belief system, is sentient energy, that has chosen to take human form.

Overall Healing Meditation

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Using meditation techniques from our basic meditation classes, Kavita gives you tools and tips for using your own energy and the power of your mind to heal yourself, one healing thought at a time. Contraindications: If you are being treated for any form of depression or mental illness consult your healthcare practitioner before beginning any form of meditation.

Teacher: Kavita Maharaj

*Repost due to audio synch issues

Duration : 0:4:4

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Palimpsest: India and Europe

Since the last few years, the influence of India is visible everywhere in Europe. Its culture and way of life is increasingly leaving its impression on the daily lives of the people. In Rome, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, and Madrid and many other European cities, it is possible to see India expressing itself through its Bollywood, cuisine, spirituality, yoga, ayurveda, classical dance and music and its frenetic colours. Books by Indian writers occupy prime positions in book shops and libraries in these countries. In fact this “Indian influence”, despite the negligible presence of an Indian diaspora, has helped in shaping the kaleidoscopic culture that Europe is famous for.

This film tries to explore how India’s diverse and colourful culture is gently and quietly getting visible in countries that are not bound by common language, old historical or colonial ties, trying to find an answer to this question: Why is Indian culture getting popular in Europe?

India’s cultural, social, economic and . . . → Read More: Palimpsest: India and Europe

*Spiritual Relationship* *Soul Loyalty* *TRANSFORMING through Mutually Being Seen*

Here is a little disclaimer: this material is not for everyone… but, I share it for those who have been struggling between staying in a secure relationship or following a deeper spiritual calling.

From my own experience, I have learned that in following one’s truth and with an intention for *THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED*, everything unfolds in alignment with evolution, peace, and thriving expansion in perfect timing (which varies for everyone).

Yesterday, I received a letter from someone who has been watching my youtube videos for some time. She expressed that she is ready to leave her relationship, but feels tremendous guilt because he is a wonderful man… yet, she knows that it is her time to dive deep into her spiritual path, which is conflicting with their relationship.

In hearing her share, I couldn’t help but reflect on the leap I had to make on my own journey and the crossroads between doing what I thought . . . → Read More: *Spiritual Relationship* *Soul Loyalty* *TRANSFORMING through Mutually Being Seen*