Any spiritual or meditation group in manchester?


WHERE in Toronto can I find spiritual/yoga jewelry? 10 pts?

Any stores in Missisauga too. Really?, there is such a thing as spiritual/yoga jewelry? Stay far away from it!

Does the word "butthole" hold a significant spiritual meaning in your soul?

What do YOU think when I say the word "butthole"? Does it make you warm and fuzzy in the soul-area? lmao O.K. got me on this one. For some odd reason I think of this,…


Clearing Negative Thought Forms healing meditation by Anne Jones

Anne Jones guides you through healing meditations for healing your mind, body and spirit … this meditation/visualisation is entitled Clearing Negative Thought Forms and is taken from the CD “The Healing Magic of Visualisation 1″ which is available from

The CD accompanies the book “Heal Yourself” by Anne Jones.

Duration : 0:6:57

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Yoga Spirituality: From Asana to Sadhana

“Yoga is not merely the aerobics of India”, explains Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya. Yoga is nothing less than Sanatana Dharma in practice. Yoga and Sanatana Dharma are synonymous. There is no meaning to one without the other. More, the only way to truly understand and derive full benefit from the Yoga system is by choosing to make the journey from mere asana (physical postures) to sadhana (spiritual discipline). In this historic talk, Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya presents the systematic and authoritative Vedic perspective on the teachings, philosophy and spiritual goal of the path of Yoga. He also explains the origin and mystical elements of this increasingly popular, if incredibly misunderstood, Vedic discipline. If you have just taken your first Yoga class, or if you have been practicing for the last four decades, this presentation will expand your understanding of Yoga tremendously!

For more information on how to benefit fully from the path of Yoga spirituality, visit:

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#66 kirk’s Psychic Spiritual channel – Tarot medium Soul Doctor – Medicine & Shakti 5/27

2012 spiritual information – clarification – inspiration – for psychic transformation and shift in consciousness

#66 kirk’s daily psychic spiritual talk and channel

today kirk talks about and shares his ideas about Spirituality being a Trance medium – and student of the Tarot

he speaks of channeling the Goddess energy Shakti

he instructs on how to clear a space and enter the Psychic portal of Love and Light

and also riffs on seeing clients and giving Soul Medicine and more

kirk is available to see clients in manhattan NYC in person or on the phone

corporate events for Tarot readings and entertainment with the cards psychic healing spiritual Sage — clarification

and more

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Eckankar – What’s It Really All About?

Free books and information from Eckankar; request or download in English, French, German, or Spanish: Had a spiritual wake-up call? Visit to respond to the call of Soul within your heart.

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Learn about past lives, dreams, and Soul Travel Experience it for yourself. Journey into your inner worlds and reap the benefits of the wisdom and spiritual truth in your heart. This inner journey reveals the all-caring nature of God’s love. This love works wonders.

Are you looking for the personal experience of God—every day?

Eckankar can help you fulfill your dream.

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Center for Spiritual Living Pittsburgh South

Rev. David A. Lowe – Life Is Like Hot Sauce

Duration : 0:21:40

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Eskesta a very expressive type of dance.very interesting to be observed

The eskesta dance transmits ideas, religious beliefs, historical events, ancient stories, emotions, thoughts, through a ritual of shoulder dancing and body movements performed on a certain musical background. One of the main dance motives and movements that are implemented in the ritual of performing of Eskesta are as follows: the Shepherd and his herd, religious commitment and praying (Coptic dance, Jewish roots) and as a matter of meditation.

The extraordinary diversity of dances is a result of different cultures and people, often organized horizontally (grouped in space) in comparison to the European people who are vertically stratified. According to some analysis, the Ethiopian dances are not divided according to their function, but according to their uniqueness and individuality. Therefore, there are over 150 unique dance movements across Ethiopia and its regions.

The theme of Eskesta can be described as follows — expressing certain emotions and impressions from the life through a typical body movement dating back to an Ethiopian tribe . . . → Read More: Eskesta a very expressive type of dance.very interesting to be observed

Amor Spiritual Center May 27, 2012

Rev. Allen’s Talk on “What to do with bad things happen?”

Duration : 0:24:32

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What are the spiritual benefits of Zen Meditation?

In Buddhism, there are two principal types of meditation:

1. Shamatha or resting meditation – where emphasis is on being able to place the mind on objects of choice, whether non-religious, for example a pebble, ones breath, or no-object at all, or religious for example the body [a picture or statue], speech [a mantra], or mind [a pure light or emptiness] of the Buddha. Here one learns to discipline the fluctuations and wandering of the mind and establishes its basic calmness.

2. Vipashyana or insight meditation – where emphasis is on seeing the true nature of mind, thoughts, and experience. Here one cultivates recognition of the reality of our condition and establishes the stability of this recognition, ultimately integrating this recognition with all activity, including sitting, reclining, eating, talking, dreaming, and sleeping.

i want to learn yoga.. spiritual purposes mostly and maybe health purposes?

i want to have an out of body experience also i think yoga sounds fun and i want to have a healthy body! hehe i’m skinny if that makes a different and im 15 :] Look for what classes are available in your area. There aer various varities of yoga which are quite different from one another. I’m not into the spiritual bit but went to classes for many years. There wasn’t a spiritual bit to my class but I found it very good for keeping flexible and getting rid of stress.

Does the word "Vagina" hold a significant spiritual meaning in your soul?

What do YOU think when I say the word "vagina"? Does it make you warm and fuzzy in the soul-area? Pretty much, yes.

What are Three Spiritual Centers of the Bible?

And what do each tell us? Thanks in advance huh? the trinity is a Red-Yellow-Blue seed-Flame inside your Heart.

Red for Omnipotence of God.

Yellow for Wisdom of God. Blue for Courage or Will of God.

PLEIADIAN HEALING MEDITATION NOTE: The video is only meant to be about 10 min long but there was a problem when I did the audio import, sorry.

Listen to the amazing 15,000 word Automatic Writing “ATLANTEAN ORIGINS OF THE ILLUMINATI BLOODLINES” here:

Written one year before information about the Papal Illuminati Bloodlines has begun to surface on the net, proving that the channelling was dead accurate!

Please Note: website still under construction, but updated daily. Working on the you tube videos is more important at the moment.

Duration : 1:13:3

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