“Your Soul Will Never Turn You Down”: Message from a Spirit Guide

“Be Your Soul” is a message from an entity and guide we call VERONICA via an Open Deep Trance Channel named April Crawford. This is from an April Crawford Study Group member’s in-person session. We thank Jon for allowing us to record this short segment so it could be shared on YouTube.

Most of videos and audio recordings are interviews or converations with highly evolved non-physical entities and guides who can speak (and use body language and even walk around) when April is in deep trance. The Entity that we call “VERONICA” is the most featured but others can and do come through.

This is one of a series of excerpts from deep trance channelilng sessions with the entity that we call “VERONICA” … and others….who speak via Open Deep Trance Channel April Crawford. See the other interviews for more details. You can find more information about VERONICA and April Crawford at www.AprilCrawford.info

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Meditation for Connecting to your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel

For those that kept asking me … this is a meditation that I used for getting my students connected to a higher source of awareness – whether you want to call it heaven, angelic realm, spirit guides, guardian angels is up to you.

You may want to listen to it a few times, to memorize it, and then do it on your own without the video. Your mind’s eye is what you use for this meditation. As in day dreaming or nighttime dreaming – it is also what you use for meditating.

I had nearly 100 people connect by this method – it worked every time, but it does takes practice and relinquishing the negativity of your own mind blocking what you see and feel. Just let the feelings come through.

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Science & Spirituality: Living Light: Biophotons and the Human Body – Part 1

Enlightening Entertainment – Episode 389, Science & Spirituality: Living Light: Biophotons and the Human Body – Part 1, Air date: October 08, 2007 (EE – 20071008)

Duration : 0:22:23

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Free Meditation Class for Nipissing Students!

The GEN1 Project is hosting a meditation class that is free for all students! It is being taught by Karin Goldgruber, a certified EHF Energy Healing Master Teacher, Healing with Sound Practitioner and Spiritual Psychology Facilitator. This event is taking place on November 4th from 11am to 12pm in the Governors House Assembly Room. The class will focus on balancing and grounding within yourself. Students will learn some easy exercises on how to stay focused on what is important to them. Students are asked to bring their own water bottles and a blanket or yoga mat if they have them (we also have extra yoga mats). Karin’s website for more information is: http://www.karingoldgruber.com/contact-me.html. Hope to see you there!

Duration : 0:1:6

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Joyful Gathering Spiritual Center, Oct. 23 2011, Rev. Margaret Palagye Talk part 2.AVI

Joyful Gathering Spiritual Center presents Rev. Margaret Palagye’s Talk on “Fulfilling Your Dreams” part 2 on October 23rd, 2011

Duration : 0:13:44

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Soul Stirrers – I’m A Pilgrim

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Duration : 0:2:45

Alam Lohar – Mirza Jatt ( Conversation between Mirza and Sahbia ) Punjabi Folk Music

Alam Lohar – Mirza Jatt ( Conversation between Mirza and Sahbia ) Punjabi Folk Music Live Ptv

Allam Lohar was born in the small village of Aach Goach outside Gujrat, Punjab, into a family of blacksmiths. He was gifted with a melodious voice and began singing as a child. Strongly attracted to music, he took little interest in his studies and dropped out of school to pursue a singing career, much to the dismay of his father, until Malik Shah, his spiritual guide, intervened on his behalf. Once he achieved the freedom to sing, Alam Lohar developed a new style of singing the Punjabi warm, an epic or folk tale. He is famous for his rendition of Waris Shahs Heer, which he has memorized in 36 styles and forms. He recorded his first album at the age of 13 and has outsold all other singers in Pakistan, with 5,000 albums to his credit.

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Theta Brain Wave by TaOe

A Meditation. More video and audio recordings by TaOe–The art Of Encouragement available at www.taoe.info

Duration : 0:9:0

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The Solution of Breath in Every Moment

Seldom has any videos on YouTube been as Substantial and Life-Altering as “The Solution” series from Desteni Productions. The controversial channel was closed in August by You Tube and the videos are now being re-uploaded on the Destonians channels. So lean back – Take a leap of Breath – and start watching these videos – they will litterally blow your mind! For more “Solution” videos, simply search for “The Solution of” on YouTube.

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Visit the forum: http://equalmoney.org/forum

The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections.

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Braco Live Streaming

https://www.bracoamerica.com/Braco_America/Braco_Live_Streaming.html Braco’s gaze streamed live for the first time from the Agape International Spiritual Center in LA, Oct. 17, 2010. The world was invited to be a part of a magnificent international event of global healing and transformation by tuning in and unifying with beautiful souls all around the world simultaneously. For more information please go to BracoAmerica.com or the link above. Cost for each of the live stream gazing sessions is only $3.00 All proceeds of these live streams go to help bring Braco’s mission of love to people around the world. At this first event all proceeds went to Agape International Spiritual Center for their generous hosting of this unprecedented global event. We hope you can dive into this beautiful stream with Braco and revision a whole new world of possibility and joy soon. Join us by clicking on the link above for more information.

Duration : 0:1:24

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A Healing Meditation by Rev. Lois Bellamy

Come and enjoy an healing meditation administered by Rev. Lois Bellamy.

Duration : 0:29:23

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Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey – Episode 5 Mind (Part 1 of 2)

“Judith Lucy is lost. Now, ready or not, she’s going on a journey to find herself. Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey is an engaging and entertaining hybrid of documentary, autobiography and painfully funny re-enactments.”

This is a six-part series from Australia’s ABC1.

Duration : 0:14:10

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Dark Souls – TGS Sorcerer Gameplay

10. 4. 11.

Duration : 0:12:7

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Home Birth: DIY Labor and Delivery – Part 2

Part 2 of 2 —————– BTW: This video is safe for work and all ages, totally PG. Have no fear, there is nothing graphic in this video. Also weve received requests for DVD copies of this video. Please email us for details, hello@ryanishungry.com. ———— We first met Katherine and Todd through LocalHarvest.org as our closest Community Supported Agriculture provider. We quickly became interested in their story as small farmers trying to make a living growing food and selling it locally. Needless to say we started documenting work on their farm the week after we signed up for their CSA share. A month into taping, Katherine said I hope this doesnt affect the story, but Im three months pregnant. As you can see, it didnt just affect the story, it helped us go deeper into it, focusing on the fact that they were planning a home birth.

Simply put, their labor and birth would be an assisted, at home process attended . . . → Read More: Home Birth: DIY Labor and Delivery – Part 2

The Invisible War – Spiritual Warfare Series – Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram

Beneath our tangible landscape lurks an invisible spiritual realm where unseen battles rage. It’s real. And it’s dangerous. If you’re prepared to remove the blinders and gaze into the unseen world, Chip Ingram is ready to take you there. Hang on to your seat. It’s going to be a journey inside the very folds of our Bibles, a journey that will teach us about our greatest foe, Satan, also known as Lucifer, the Dragon, Serpent, and Son of the Morning Star. Although this lying thief comes to “steal, kill, and destroy,” God details in His Word the battle plan to uncover Satan’s cunning deceptions and to resist his sinister schemes. The cosmic conflict exploding all around us will have eternal implications, for us and those we love. This series will prepare you to do spiritual battle with the enemy of your soul… and win! You’ll learn to clothe yourself with God’s spiritual armor so you can be confident of certain . . . → Read More: The Invisible War – Spiritual Warfare Series – Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram