Looking for a few good spiritual books. Read anything lately?

Not books on Christianity or other actual religion… just spiritual development. Seen anything good lately? There are LOTS at the stores these days, but I’m unsure which ones are good.

Thanks! "The Four Agreements", "Forgive for Good" and "The Alchemist" are all great reads.

Fundamentalist Atheists: Would you consider converting to Spiritual Atheism if I could prove you have a soul?

(((Occulty))) as a new Spiritual Atheist myself, no such belief is necessary evidently, Honey (((GlisteningDewDrop))) Of course, it would have to be proven through the scientific method. We are in agreement there Sweetie. Well my dear I am what you call an Impartial Agnostic, because of this I am open to spirituality. And have experienced the existence of supernatural presence late at night. It is a frightening feeling, mostly as you don’t know what these spirits are up to or if they are good or bad. *shivers*

I think agnostic is the best stance for me, it means I am not closed of to anything (apart from organized religion since it is human made)

St. Teresa of Avila is a Catholic mystic who encouraged people to find healing by means of meditation?

I encourage Protestants too to read a book called ‘The Interior Castle’ that was written by this great mystic about spiritual/mental/physical healing

Wot do you think? Acid, There are lots of illnesses that doctors cant treat. Even if they can be treated meditation is good because it calms the mind. That’s wot it means St. Teresa of Avila is my favorite saint.

And you are correct that she is known by many to be a Christian mystic. But the emphasis should be on Christianity, not mysticism, which has negative Eastern transcendental meditative aspects. I do understand the similarities, because they are there. But understand clearly her focus is on humility and approaching God in an entirely Christian way. She states that clearly in her writings and don’t forget that not only was she a Catholic nun, but the she was the head of her religious order. You must understand that St.Teresa approached the highest level of contemplative prayer, the . . . → Read More: St. Teresa of Avila is a Catholic mystic who encouraged people to find healing by means of meditation?

Where can I find non-spiritual meditation information for free?

I’d like to learn more about purely secular meditation. For free as possible, though if its a book thats also helpful. With meditation will always be spirituality. I’m an Athiest so obviously I’m not religious but you don’t have to be religious at all to be spiritual. Being spiritual is more about just discovered, unlocking your innerself and that is part of what meditation is. I recomend read Astara books, they give alot of information about meditation and how these things work but they are a bit up there intellectually and they do mention a nondenominational "god" in some of their texts but you don’t have to take that to heart, just read what it is you need, read the meat of the books in otherwords. Sorry if I wasn’t helpful but it’s hard to find free things and those aren’t.

Poll-true or false-Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every moment with love,grace and gratitude?

There is a truth to this Buzzbe… but in degrees, happy is the soul who in his/her journey here discovers God’s Spirit, his wisdom, brings in peace, which counsels us ~ so we do experience every moment seeing life through the eyes of love, grace and gratitude…

God shows us His ways of salvation through gaining His insights… be..leafing us into fruitfulness…in this we become happy for within us is God, Emmanuel, with whom there is rest. We then, are able to lend this all to all men, with His kind of heart…and heart intent…

Nice questions you ask my friend ~ causes us to ask, ponder and discern ourselves as well as the world we abide in.

Love Kar

Spritiually speaking – what do you think music does for your soul – spiritual and physical?

think about high pitched tunes or guitar solos from death metal for instance – makes you feel like crystal blaze does it not? how? makes you ‘feel’ soemthing its hard to explain but i do think it affects the soul and the body

What are five spiritual benefits of having a Native American dream catcher over your bed?

I’m currently doing extensive research into the origins and spiritual benefits of Native American (First Peoples) dream catchers. Can anyone tell me experiences they have had with dream catchers? I would like to compile a list of five benefits for a seminar I’m teaching this summer at the Northern California Spiritual and Holistic Institute’s Center for Advanced Dream Studies. Help me out?

Many thanks and manifest blessings and peace be to all of you! White people wouldn’t benefit from these They aren’t even necessarily dream catchers, from what I understand thats a non native coined term for an object used for some ceremonial purposes that they didn’t fully understand.

Guided Meditation For Healing Relationships

http://themysticallights.com Guided Meditation for healing relationships. Visit this link for free courses in chakras, auras, spirituality, chakra healing, meditation and more

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39th Annual Festival Of India – Toronto Ratha-Yatra 2011 – Madhava Das 1-1

On July 16th and 17th, come join us and experience the 39th Annual Festival of India (also known as Ratha-Yatra) in the heart of downtown Toronto.

This unique festival launches with a dynamic, high-energy parade down world-famous Yonge Street (beginning at Bloor and continuing south to Queens Quay). The celebrations then shift over to Centre Island for two days of festivities, expected to draw close to 40,000 people.

The festival is open to the public and is free for everyone. This year’s events and attractions include a free vegetarian feast, an award-winning arts and culture showcase, Yoga Meltdown – a spiritual yoga festival, a South Asian Bazaar, and much, much more!


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Rapper Apollo Poetry, Pass me By OFFICIAL Music Video shot in Sedona, Arizona / Traveling Poet

Official Music Video for ‘Pass me By’ ( Shot in Sedona, Arizona ) Directed by Cody Loepke & Apollo Poetry

Duration : 0:4:22

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Rokilis Music Inspire HD

This is the first piece of personal music I have worked on since 2002. For better quality select 720p.

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” – Lao Tzu

“The world doesn’t owe you anything. It was here first.” – Mark Twain

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” – Jimmy Dean

“Love is the most beautiful of dreams and the worst of nightmares.” – William Shakespeare

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” – Lao Tzu

“Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional.” – Tim Hansel

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius

“Even the genius asks questions” – Tupac Amaru Shakur

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss . . . → Read More: Rokilis Music Inspire HD

Spiritual Growth

From the works of Living Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. In this clip taken from the Shiva Sutras discourse titled, Transcend Your Desires, Swamiji gives us an understanding of the profundity of Shiva Sutras. In most instances when truth is delivered and people begin to see benefits and people want to follow the truth but cannot stick to it, then dilution starts happening. Fortunately, Shiva Sutras has retained its original form. In this sutra Shiva describes how to go beyond desires and desirelessness. While this is a very simple sutra, anything simple requires you to be in a simple, innocent space. Swamiji teaches us in this sutra that when complete unclutching happens between past and future, true spiritual growth happens. The complete discourse may be ordered online at www.lifeblissgalleria.com.

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Dalai Lama Feels ‘Freer’ Since Giving up Political Role

Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, has been in Washington since last week, celebrating his birthday and guiding followers of Tibetan Buddhism in a multi-day prayer and meditation ritual. He sat down with VOA to discuss his first visit to the nation’s capital since stepping down as the exiled Tibetan government’s political leader. VOA’s Sean Maroney reports.

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Joyful Gathering Spiritual Center, Rev Margaret Spiritual Talk part 1, July 17, 2011

revmargaretpalagyehttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/revmargaretpalagyeMusicJoyful Gathering Spiritual Center, Rev Margaret Spiritual Talk part 1, July 17, 2011Joyful Gathering Spiritual Center, Rev Margaret Spiritual Talk part 1, July 17, 2011

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What spiritual books could people of any spiritual path benefit from reading?

A Course in Miracles