does anybody attend crystal bowl meditation- sound healing?

only when I smoked pot And listening to Pink Floyd ,Doors and Hendrix

But not anymore!

Sorry I thought I was being funny. Never done that crystal bowl stuff, though.

meditation or any other spiritual practices that initiate inner balance ?

i recently moved… and havent had a set schedule to dwell within…get centered…any ideas…mantras…techniques…

what works for u? ‘Mindfulness in Plain English’ By: Henepola Gunaratana is a ‘how to manuel’ on Mindfulness Meditation

Spiritual Warefare – Why do you think we are living in it?

What makes you think we are living in spiritual warefare? Why can’t God just demolish Satan I would like to add.. please don’t take offence to any of my questions because it makes me feel very guilty .. so please believers or no .. I am not offending anyone .. I merely am seeking peoples opinions and beliefs as to why things are the way they are God is all powerful. Yet He allows Satan to carry out his deceitful and destructive activities—within certain limits—for a purpose. To understand that purpose, here’s a good example from the book of Job.

"One day the angels came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan also came with them. The LORD said to Satan, ‘Where have you come from?’ Satan answered the LORD, ‘From roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it.’ Then the LORD said to Satan, ‘Have you considered my servant Job? (pronounced; Jobe) There is no . . . → Read More: Spiritual Warefare – Why do you think we are living in it?

Spiritual books on the elements?

I’m quite interested in the elements and use them a lot in my art, I already know quite about about the scientific side of the 4 elements. I would like to read and research the spiritual side of the elements, how they effect peoples emotions and how they work, I’ve tried searching on ebay/amazon but I keep getting spell books, are there any books out there that just give information on the elements?

Thank you

x Sound’s like you are attempting to find what is often known of as correspondence tables Here’s a page that looks as if it goes into great depth

(warning! page seems to want to open a pop up, but if your browser supports such, it can be blocked)

As an artist you might prefer the following ideas as to how to develope your own associations with an element.

— You could also find the following interesting because while "elemental systems" they aren’t based . . . → Read More: Spiritual books on the elements?

Who are called to the mystery school of the sacred arts, of the Yoga of spirit and nature or spiritual nature?

How many are called but do not listen to their own intuition but allow themselves to be led astray by the ignorance of the masses? Through our higher consciousness we may see more opportunities that nourishe our inner heart, and our inner essential self, which connects us to the greater wholeness whereby we recognise all as oneness, or as our spiritual centre expanding into that oneness. The sacred arts, or whatever we each name then to be, gives us a manner of recognition and also expression because we have bodies which house our spirits, and these methods allow a resting place for the spirit to shine through very easily.

What is poverty of the soul…can Spiritual happiness be found in this poverty?

There is hopeless poverty in much of the world….Africa, Southeast Asia…countless places… but under the filth, the starvation, at its best there exists in us an even greater poverty – the poverty of the soul…..

All over the world there is wealth, people traveling, going on vacations, and there is nothing inherentlywrongn with being rich… ‘Jesus made it plain, that happiness and contentment are not found in the possessions of man or money. He stated that material things and riches do not in themselves bring happiness and peace to the soul. Happy is the person who has learned the secret of being content with whatever life brings him and has learned to rejoice in the simple and beautiful things around him…. What does Matthew 5:3 teach us…? About God’s way to finding Spiritual wealth and what is it? Where is it to be found? And does this message apply to everyone?

Is there truly a Promised Land? What did . . . → Read More: What is poverty of the soul…can Spiritual happiness be found in this poverty?

Do you know any websites where I can buy gemstones, salt lamps, meditation and self healing CDs or DVDs online?

Hi Sj! You can buy gemstones salt lamps meditation on Amazon.

what is the difference between astral projection,OBE,meditation,lucid dreaming and spiritual ecstasy ?

what is the difference between astral projection ,out of body experience ,meditation , lucid dreaming and spiritual Ecstasy ,IS there any similarity between them ,does the soul really go out of the body or it is just an altered state of consciousness , do they have any relation to magic , also for the people who perform these experiences such as astral projection I really want to know what is so pleasing and amusing about it ? They’re all altered states of consciousness, which is both a useful scientific term and a form of pigeonholeing – a verbal device allowing people to talk about them without acknowledging or understanding something that is essentially magic.

AP and OBE are often used interchangeably. OBE is a label usable by scientists, whereas astral projection implies mysticism, framing the idea in terms of astral bodies and planes of existence. AP sometimes also implies specifically astral projection (to celestial realms) as opposed to etheric projection . . . → Read More: what is the difference between astral projection,OBE,meditation,lucid dreaming and spiritual ecstasy ?

How does lack of privacy help the spiritual development of monks?

Or nun, or any spiritual seekers living in a group situation? It doesn’t. The truth of the matter is, Lord Buddha did not teach asceticism. He said that asceticism is an extreme just as any over-abstainance is. Monks and nuns who shut themselves in monostaries their entire lives without bringing the dharma and it’s blessings to the world are going against the holy life

What are some good books on how to be a spiritual leader in a relationship?

Just wondering if yall know of any whether it be books of the bible or just good books that yall have read. I am really trying to work on this. Thanks Sun Tzu- The Art Of War… Teaches strategy, leadership, and reasoning…

I grew up a Christian, but have recently discovered Siddha Yoga as a great spiritual tool,is God ok with this?

I have always worshipped Christ while in Catholic school up until the age of 15 when i changed to a public school and stopped going to church, recieving communion, ect. I am now 29 years old and know I need to integrate a strong spiritual side into my life including getting closer to God. I have been attending some Siddha Yoga meetings and have found that the relaxation and feelings of inner peace is very similar to that of church. Now that my wife and I have a baby I am going to have him baptized in a few months and intend on going to a Catholic church every weekend and refreshing my relationship with God. The basic idea behind Siddha Yoga is that God is everywhere and in everything and dwells in each of us. This can be experienced by calming the mind and controlling breathing among other things. I feel it is essentially not a religion, but rather . . . → Read More: I grew up a Christian, but have recently discovered Siddha Yoga as a great spiritual tool,is God ok with this?

Chirstians, how can a "spiritual entity" like the "soul" become warped with alcoholic drinks or drugs?

If the soul is so spiritual, then why do we get drunk or stoned?

Where’s the soul when we lose it?

Why does the soul also suffer from Alzheimer or mental retardation? I meant "Christians"…sorry about the typo…. Also, if the soul is the personality, why is it that damage to certain parts of the brain alter the personality?

Why is is that people who have no understanding of a transistor, thank that a huge collection of them, in a matrix that again they have no understanding off, to do something (a computer) is soulless. But when it is a huge collection of neurons, that they have no understanding of, in a matrix that they have no understanding of, it must have a soul to drive it.

When we design a computer and program sufficiently complex to pass the Turing test, will it have a soul?

Sedona Healing Meditation

Devils Canyon Meditation

Duration : 0:10:18

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Learn Easy Meditation – part 1 of 2 – Raja Yoga – Spiritual Knowledge – Deep Peace Experience – Watch more Meditation Videos with Music, Animation, and more!

A very relaxing and peaceful experience of what is raja yoga meditation, taught by Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. Part 1 of 2.

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Mantra for Healing Personal and National Economies

Learn how to use spiritual energy for abundance and prosperity — Use the name of God to precipitate all that is rightfully yours.

Duration : 0:6:12

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