Healing thru meditation?

Possible? Anyone experienced it? I did mean emotional when I posed the question but now I’m thinking of physical….I suppose the mind is a powerful machine. Yes

Spiritual Experiences by Meditation, Drugs, ETC.?

Describe the most amazing spiritual experience you’ve ever had whether it be through meditation, hallucinogenic drugs, or what ever. Were there higher beings, long lost relatives, or anybody else involved? Did they tell you stories, give you direction, foretell future events, etcetcetc? I want as much details as you can remember and I would also like to know how exactly you managed to "open yourself up" to the experience. I’ve been doing a lot of research on this subject, I find it very interesting… so the more information the better. THANKS SO MUCH! : ) Sorry, bro…, too long of a story. Also, if you were to ‘publish’ any part of what I told you…, the spirit that talks to me would be angry with you.

My ‘story’ is too important to Him to have some other person telling any part of it to anyone else. No matter what your intentions or my anonymity.

Does hanging my black velvet painting of Jesus in my living room show my spiritual side?

Oooh! It is one of those ones where he’s fighting a bull? Those are SO cool!

How can I become more spiritual? any books?

Im in that point in my life where I am appreciating everything! more and more everyday. I love the feeling but, I want to see and feel a more spiritual side of life, with more love and less fears. Seriusly. Any books? or ? Look within yourself. Find a quiet secluded space and just sit and breath slowly and deeply. It will come to you. The spirit is within not with out. It’s not in any book, it is within you.

Any suggestions for a more spiritual yoga practice?

I like my yoga practice to still be a little challenging, but very spiritual. I usually dim the lights, light candles and incense, and do some chanting/meditating before hand. I try to make my yoga practice serene and peaceful. But I find most yoga DVD’s are too "workout for a perfect body" based and tend to lose the spiritual/medatative part of yoga.

Any dvd’s/CD’s/downloads that are more spiritually based yoga practice that anyone can suggest. I just did the Chandra Namaskar (moon salutations) from YogaDownload.com and it is just the perfect kind of yoga for me. Flowing and a little bit challenging, but peaceful. Thanks!!! I think most commercially available dvd’s avoid spiritual aspects because they aim to appeal to widest possible audience, thus present yoga as essentially a physical exercise. Seems fact that most yoga dvd’s ignore both meditation or pranayama (breathing techniques) supports that view.

Shiva Rea’s "Yoga Shakti" does include short segments on meditation and . . . → Read More: Any suggestions for a more spiritual yoga practice?

Can I listen to the Bible in audio and still get same spiritual nourishment for my soul as reading it?

Is it same effect for ones soul? The Word Is The Word, whether reading, listening by audio, Braille or American Sign Language. Romans 10 (Amplified Bible) 17So faith comes by hearing [what is told], and what is heard comes by the preaching [of the message that came from the lips] of Christ (the Messiah Himself). Romans 10 (King James Version)

17So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

What is a good crystal for emotional AND physical healing?

Want to use as part of a meditation for healing and closing emotional scars cosmic – i would love if you could send me that information – thankyou so much for a lovely answer. my email is helenjanedraper@hotmail.com Hi Helen, Well what i first recommend you do is first please go to your local library and get extensive books on crystals and there uses.As using crystals without full training can sometimes not be good because if you dont know what your doing you can tear the chakras and cause mayhem.So a good idea is go to a crystal healer or do a short intensive course on using crystals.Oh and something else i would highly recommend you do to really help and dissolve the issues and clear the memory of the emotional issues permanently is to use the Violet/Silver/Gold flame of Transmutation and call on Archangel Sandalphon,St germain,Violet flame Angels,Violet flame masters,Lady Master Quan Yin for assistance.If you want the technique . . . → Read More: What is a good crystal for emotional AND physical healing?

Does meditation have to be spiritual?

What is the best type of meditation to practice for stress relief? Can you feel a difference immediately or does it take time? Any suggestions on books to help me get started will be appreciated You have all been very helpful…I’m gonna put it to a vote…Thanks all for the input If you do meditation correctly you will feel a difference right away. It will however take time for you to get experienced enough to be able to overcome stressful situations with ease. Mediation is a matter of mind over matter. You have to train your mind. This is a great website for beginners.

What are the qualifications of a True Living Spiritual Master? Have you come across any?

Surely He will be away from hate, jealousy and selfishness.

He will be loving, caring and helping

Yes i have met some people who were not masters, but spiritually advanced

Tamils, Which is the best spiritual book you have ever read? Only books written in Tamil?

No translation or comments on other language books. Only books in Tamil written by Tamil poets. Please describe about the book. Read Vallalaar 6th Thirumarai for real Spiritual enrichment.

Also Samarasa Sanmaarga Sangh Concepts of Vallalaar. This is the best philosophy for Humanity. It is ‘Aanma Neyam’ a step beyond ‘Manitha Neyam’


To my understanding, Religion & Spirituality are different layers. Spirituality is in the higher plane and one. Religions are in the lower plane and many. The purpose of Religion is to attain spiritual plane. In the spiritual plane, there is no discrimination of any sort and all are equal. All to be regarded equally.

Saint Vallalaar wrote several poems of all Gods like Muruga, Shiva & Perumal in earlier stages. When Vallalaar grown spiritually, He spoke more about Samarasa Sanmaargam, Aanmaneyam Humanity, etc than regular praising of GOD.

Since the question is on spiritual book rather than religious book, I have chosen to answer Vallalaar than Kambar.

My religious/spiritual yoga society wants me to be abslutely free from 4regs. What should I do?

My religious/spiritual yoga society wants me to be abslutely free from 4regs 24/7. These four regulative principles are no meat/fish/eggs, no illicit sex in or out of marriage, no gambling/speculation, no intoxication of any kind.

What should I do? Dear yoga student,

I think I can guess which yoga society it is that is asking for these four regulative principles to be followed. You will however find that these four regulative principles can not be followed unless you have the commensurate attachment or linking with Sri Bhagavan.

In order to follow these pillars of religion you need to have a higher taste. I do wonder why you are asking this question on a public global forum when this is really a question for those that have a true commitment and focus towards attain the Supreme Person as their life and soul. The majority of persons are content to live their lives in ways that would be better fulfilled in . . . → Read More: My religious/spiritual yoga society wants me to be abslutely free from 4regs. What should I do?

In "Soul of the Indian" How does Charles Eastman characterize the " Unseen and Eternal" of indian spiritual?

life, so as to reconcile the Indians’ morality with the expectations and concerns of white, Christian America? he characterizes the unseen and eternal with his words.

Chakra Balancing For The Swadhistana Navel Chakra Second Chakram Healing Meditation

Now On DVD! Hypnotic Tibetan singing bowls, affirmations and healing Solfeggio frequencies balance the Second or Navel Chakra, by gifted sound energy healer and Reiki Master Dr. Jane Ma’ati Smith C.Hyp. Msc.D. Full length Seven Chakra DVD http://chakrahealingsounds.com/video.html

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Katrina turns spiritual with yoga, meditation!

Katrina Kaif is inclined towards spirituality these days as she is trying to understand the nuances of Indian astrology, yoga and meditation.

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Caroline Myss “Soul Service”


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Caroline Myss faculty profile


Omega Institute http://www.eomega.org/?source=UTB

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