Have you tried, breath and meditation, and your healing enrgies?

You can Heal yourself, your animals and others. With your energies. Mood lights and Marijuana did it in the 70′s

What do you find to be the most effective form of Spiritual Meditation and why did it work so well for you?

Wondering what your thoughts are on this. lol Tom, I think they should seperate Religion from Spirituality. They are two extremely different thought processes. venting at religious zealot whackos on yahoo answers

Is a living being (a soul) the same as a spiritual being ?

1 Cor 15: 45 to 47 …….45 So it is written: "The first man Adam became a living being" the last Adam, a life-giving spirit. 46 The spiritual did not come first, but the natural, and after that the spiritual. 47 The first man was of the dust of the earth, the second man from heaven. I don’t know…it’s like a tongue twister


I feel I let soceity get to me TOO much. I’m getting too cynical for my own good about people and scoeity/culture. I’m only 20. I focus on the negative a lot. (the adultery, the divorce rates, narcissism, hostility ect.+) I don’t hate people. I Just feel we keep missing the mark unnecessarily with so much things. You know? I Just don’t WHY! It’s hard to explain. So I was wondering if anyone can suggest any good philosophical/Spiritual books I could read? Something to help me calm my thoughts and not internalize everything so much. Not be so cynical and jaded.

If I sound crazy go ahead and tell me. Won’t be the last on this site. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE? You might try the lay optimist thinkers such as James Allen in “As a Man Thinketh.” It’s available as a free download from the Guttenberg Project, a non profit organization devoted to scanning and making available out of copyright works . . . → Read More: Suggest good PHILOSOPHICAL/SPIRITUAL books?

Is yoga a spiritual activity?

and how? its just stretching

Will the spiritual body work without soul?

Yahoo already have answers of spirit and soul differences. spiritual body without soul can’t work

How does a spiritual/psychic reader/medium feel the energy of another person?

I have had two psychic reading at a spiritual center and both were incredibly accurate and detailed. I had one today and was looking for guidance through my break-up. She was picking up energy from my ex and telling me very specific things that only I know about her and things that don’t apply to everyone.

How did she feel my ex’s energy? It’s directly related to how much compensation is involved in the transaction!

Louise Hay – Healing Meditation (6 of 9)

Louise Hay shares simple, yet powerful ways to create lasting and complete healing for any undesired physical condition. She shares a series of positive affirmations which are like seeds. It takes time for them to germinate, take root, and grow. Life- changing and soul satisfying benefits are possible by using this recording with determination and consistency. She recommends that you listen to this recording twice a day for at least 30 days. This recording is in 9 parts, which are in a playlist, so you can easily listen to this material while you relax, work, do your chores, or sleep.

This is part 6 of 9, the second part of the integrating, healing meditation.

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3rd Chakra: Manipura Energy Kundalini Yoga Meditation



http://www.siddhalishree.com (blog) Living Enlightened Master, Acharya Shree Yogeesh continues his Kundalini Chakra Energy series by shedding light on the 3rd Chakra, the Manipura Chakra, Solar Plexus Center.

Acharya Shree, speaks on the physical, health, and mental signs and symptoms of decreased energy in the belly center, (Manipura)and also give suggestions on how to increase the energy there.


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R H Harris & the Soul Stirrers – By and By

This record is held in particularly high regard by gospel fans. It is said that Stirrers fans were disappointed when Sam Cooke took over lead from Rebert Harris. That’s right, they weren’t sure SAM COOKE would be good enough!

Duration : 0:5:39

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The Rapture – Cecilia

The Rapture (Wings of Desire)

music: Richard Currier words: Jim Piazza

Earth, Wind, Fire, The Wings of Desire Enfold you. A whisper of Angels Voices in seashells Console you

Those who can hear them Are those who don’t fear them. I feel them, lifting me, The Wings of Desire

Glorious Rapture, Glorious Rapture, Glorious Rapture, Forever After. The Angels make way for the dawn of the day of love

Those who believe them Are those who will see them. I feel them, lifting me, On Wings of Desire. © 2007 currier/piazza music

Spiritual author Stuart Wilde was the first to recognize the special quality of Cecilia’s voice when he met her after one of his seminars. Later that evening she “wowed everyone” when she stood on a table and sang “Amazing Grace” a cappella. Wilde generously organized her first recording, “Voice of the Feminine Spirit” and included her on his tour of Australia with several other “collective conscious” authors, including: . . . → Read More: The Rapture – Cecilia

Spiritual Living | DonInLondon | Don Oddy | Alcoholics Anonymous | Alcoholism |

Life Works | DonInLondon | Don Oddy | These videos are about living sober and may be used as a resource to support recovery. They are not made for profit or personal gain.


Email me | don@doninlondon.com http://egosdrift.com | YouTube Players | Music | “music for airports” By Brian Eno | http://www.enoshop.co.uk/ Alcoholics Anonymous Alcoholic Alcoholism Addict Addiction DonInLondon Don Oddy Recovery Rehab

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Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia

Starred Review. Gilbert (The Last American Man) grafts the structure of romantic fiction upon the inquiries of reporting in this sprawling yet methodical travelogue of soul-searching and self-discovery. Plagued with despair after a nasty divorce, the author, in her early 30s, divides a year equally among three dissimilar countries, exploring her competing urges for earthly delights and divine transcendence. First, pleasure: savoring Italy’s buffet of delights–the world’s best pizza, free-flowing wine and dashing conversation partners–Gilbert consumes la dolce vita as spiritual succor. “I came to Italy pinched and thin,” she writes, but soon fills out in waist and soul. Then, prayer and ascetic rigor: seeking communion with the divine at a sacred ashram in India, Gilbert emulates the ways of yogis in grueling hours of meditation, struggling to still her churning mind. Finally, a balancing act in Bali, where Gilbert tries for equipoise “betwixt and between” realms, studies with a merry medicine man and plunges into a charged love affair. . . . → Read More: Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia

Agape LOVE, Worldwide ONEness and 2012

Agape (Greek) = Unconditional LOVE

LOVE = Law Of Vibrational Energy ^_^

“40 Days Together in Worldwide Oneness” (June 21st to August 1st)


This is an event that can be participated in or experienced anywhere on Earth. It is a call from inside yourself, from your heart, from on High, from your Spiritual self. All one has to do is consciously choose not to entertain thoughts of lower vibrations. Turn off your news that feeds fear and anger. Turn off your TV, radio, computer, video games, or anything that keeps you in the lower realms. Think of things spiritual or of a more vertical thinking rather than the linear thinking of the material world. Yes, we all have to work, take care of our families, and still participate in this 3D world, but we can rise above it, into a different way of thinking and being. It is all in your mind. If you do this lovingly, living through . . . → Read More: Agape LOVE, Worldwide ONEness and 2012

Are there any healing meditations that a person can get free on line?

I need something that would help me relax & find out what is at the root of some health issues I have had for a long time. Thank you!..I would prefer something that I didn’t have to read but could just shut my eyes & listen to such as a youtube thing or video of some kind. Christian Science, Unity ARE=Edgar Cayce are some God luck Hope it helps