How do I start using crystals for meditation/healing?

I just read a book called "Crystal Awareness" and would like to begin using crystals in my daily meditations and ultimately beginning to attempt the healing process with them. The part I’m confused about is the types of crystals I need and how to obtain them. First it spoke of a personal crystal, which can be worn on your body. Then it suggested another personal crystal for meditation purposes. It also suggested having a cluster for recharging purposes. I looked on into the healing formations and most of them required 6-12 crystals. My question is what type of crystals do I use for these things and where can I find them to purchase? I thought about buying one of those "grow your own crystal" sets for the cluster, but I’m unsure if the ingredients they use will produce a natural crystal formation, at least natural enough for use as a recharging device. I’d like to purchase my first personal . . . → Read More: How do I start using crystals for meditation/healing?

What’s some more spiritual stuff? ( Ex. chakras. astrology. meditation. OBE. lucid dreaming. )?

I want to become more spiritual and learn about more spiritual stuff. how? what else? Check out Sunshine of the Soul It has information on Meditation Chakras Astrology Lucid Dreaming and more..

How can a spiritual God create a universe and every living thing in it but somehow can’t write his own book?

He DID write a portion of His Book known as the Ten Commandments.

Did anybody ever read spiritual books by Vernon Howard, Wayne Dyer or Joseph Murphy? What did you think of ?

them? I need serious answers. Please, no rudeness. nope

Why Communists are against yoga and spiritual exercises?

In china they are against Falun gong group.In India They are against Baba Ram DEv recently interviewd by the Queen Elizabeth. I’m a falun gong practitioner from Indonesia. I believe that the Chinese government is afraid of the groups that they can’t influence or control like Falun Gong, Christians, Muslims, and Taoists in their country.

What is the desire of the soul in Spiritual darkness? PL read on!?

“Tis midnight on the mountains’ brown, The cold round moon shines deeply down; Blue roll the waters, blue the sky Spreads like an ocean hung on high, Bespangled with those isles of light, So wildly, spiritually bright; Who ever gazed upon them shining And turning to earth without repining Nor wish’d for wings to flee away, And mix with their eternal ray.” Blessed time! when we are sitting, I and thou, With two forms and only one soul, I and thou. Fragrance, song of birds, they quicken ev’rything When we come into the garden, I and thou. All the stars of heaven hurry to see us, And we show them our own moon, I and thou- I and thou without words, without I and thou- In delight we are united, I and thou. Sugar chew the heaven’s parrots in that place Where we’re sitting, laughing sweetly, I and thou. Strange that I and thou together in this nook Are apart . . . → Read More: What is the desire of the soul in Spiritual darkness? PL read on!?

If you attend an Episcopalian church I am wondering what reformed means?

I have never belonged to a regular church only a New Thought, Religious Science spiritual center. I absolutely love the churchs I attend but I want to open to some others. Episcalian seems to be close to the church I attend….We have gay ministers for example…..I would like to know more about this church & if reformed means anything & you know & can tell me what that means. In Protestant Christianity, technically "Reformed" Churches are those that believe the doctrines of the Reformation, set by the reformers like Calvin, Luther, Zwingli, and Knox. This would include Presbyterian, and Lutheran Churches, as well as "Reformed Baptist" churches.

However, since the word "reform" means "change," anybody is free to use the word. A church with sodomites as pastors or priests could not technically be a "Reformed" Church ("Reformed" Churches believe the Bible, and we believe it means precisely what it says), and Episcopalians in the United States don’t really believe anything . . . → Read More: If you attend an Episcopalian church I am wondering what reformed means?

Free meditation and energy healing groups in Northern California?

I am looking for free meditation and energy healing groups in Peninsula, CA. Ideally groups with large amount of attendees (30 plus people per event) with average age of attendees 30-35. Thank you. I offer many such events that are done over the telephone or internet on conference lines. Most of them are f-ree.

I am the developer of Energetic NLP, which is a synthesis of energy healing, intuition development, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

If you are not used to remote energy work, it will surprise at how strong the group energy is, even though your fellow participants are in many different physical locations (I am usually in San Francisco), The ages of the participants vary.

You can get information on the tele-energetic sessions at and at

All the best


What is the essence of meditation? How important is it on the Spiritual path?

Personally, I feel the essence of meditation is quiet listening. It is while we maintain a meditative state that we can most clearly hear the voice of Spirit supporting and guiding us, as well as focus on listening to our inner workings and discerning the true motivations of our ego-self.

I think meditation is extremely important to the spiritual path, both as a valuable method of self-direction and an invaluable state of communion with Spirit.

Meditation brings us true bliss, by allowing us to appreciate the Divine workings of the world around, and within us.

Most people think of meditation as something done in quiet solitude, and this is indeed an excellent place to begin the practice, but I suggest practicing meditation amidst more and more distraction, until you can maintain a light meditative state even while being active in your day, in this way we are left even more open to experiencing the promptings of Spirit in our . . . → Read More: What is the essence of meditation? How important is it on the Spiritual path?

Can you recommend any inspiring spiritual books/movies about developing self discipline?

Cast Away- It made me realize how blessed I am and how little I need, and that in turn helped me control my money spending and the way I spend my time.


Groundhog Day-Made me realize that time won’t wait for me to get everything right, so I need to pick up the pace. And that even though I can’t control my past, I can get a head start on the future. And that I need to control what I do and say because each decision leads you down a new road- and there’s no u-turns.

But the biggest one of all…

The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson- Now there is self-control that can never be equaled. It’s made me kick my self-control level up a few knots and quit complaining about the little things.

What are the "spiritual" implications of yoga?

I admit I don’t really know much about it, but rightr now it’s looking like a great workout and a good opportunity to spend time with (certain) people and build relationships too. But people talk about the "spiritual" implications of it. Can anyone tell me more?

BTW I am a Christain if that makes a difference, but right now I’m not really hearing yes or no from God on it. Hatha yoga is thousands of years old. It’s intent was to prepare/condition the body for extended sitting meditation.

Many Americans practice Hatha yoga only for it’s physical health benefits and relaxation.

Certainly nothing wrong with this, although to me, it is comparable to owning a huge house but only living in one room.

On Y!A you will find many posts expressing opinions as to whether yoga promotes a particular religon (usually Hinduism) and whether meditation is beneficial or not. (You will also find opinions regarding what . . . → Read More: What are the "spiritual" implications of yoga?

Spiritual & physical Soul?

I need information about the spiritual and physical soul. Also, does yoga help the soul? There is nothing physical in the spiritual reality, there are only forces, desires, thoughts. So there is no such thing as physical soul. In fact our whole physical reality is just an illusion, as this world is also part of the spiritual reality. Whatever we do with our physical body has no affect on the spiritual realm, so yoga cannot help the soul, it can only help our physical body and physical mind. To enter the spiritual reality, to develop our soul we have to work with our desires, and adjust them in order to match the qualities of the spiritual world. I hope it helps, all the best.

Looking for a retreat center in the SoCal area?

Does anyone know of a retreat center in the Southern CA area (as close to L.A. as possible) that has reasonable rates, can accommodate around 25 people, and is appropriate for a non-spiritual but healing retreat for youth to also build leadership/team building skills? The Los Angeles Forrest offers numerous retreats

Overall Healing Meditation Using meditation techniques from our basic meditation classes, Kavita gives you tools and tips for using your own energy and the power of your mind to heal yourself, one healing thought at a time.

Contraindications: If you are being treated for any form of depression or mental illness consult your healthcare practitioner before beginning any form of meditation.

Teacher: Kavita Maharaj

Duration : 0:4:4

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Kriya Yoga: Conscious Living and Superconscious Meditation

Roy Eugene Davis, personal disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda and spiritual director of Center for Spiritual Awareness, discusses the importance of living consciously and meditating to the point of superconscious awareness.

Duration : 0:9:40

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