When I perform my Pagan Healing meditation tonight for the benefit of all christians?

should I use white and gold candles? Are there more appropriate colors? How could prayer for your well-being be taken as anything but good? Rainbow candles, to represent the beautiful variety among people.

How did you learn any of the following spiritual practices: meditation, prayer, magick, mantras?

If you practice any of those, where/how did you learn them? Thanks. Learned how to meditate from a book/how to manuel called: "Mindfulness in Plain English" by: Henepola Gunaratana.

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Spiritual Friends: How do Seventh Day Dentists make a living when they only work one day a week?

Is there a God of dentistry who provides or is there a collection plate?

Bonus Q: How do they pay for all the magazine subscriptions? Until you are willing to accept the tooth you will never understand.

Suggestion for an influential or spiritual books to read?

As title. Any topics, as long as they are "good".! Invisible Man – Ralph Ellison Poisonwood Bible – Barbra Kingsolver Siddhartha – Herman Hesse

Can one do Yoga without the spiritual or religious aspect of it?

Or is inseparable from Hinduism? Just wondering about this. I did Yoga earlier today at my day program. Yes, because it is very good for your body. The first time I practiced yoga, it wasn’t spiritually, and it felt AMAZING afterwords.

I do need to add however that yoga isn’t mutually exclusive to Hinduism, so if you’re a Christian, or whatever, do not feel it is blasphemy to practice this very relaxing technique.

For spiritual people, how would you define being spiritual and what is a spirit/soul?

Also if its possible to answer, do you believe the mind body and spirit are interconnected are one or they are separate entities with no effect on each other It seems that there aren’t a lot of things they believe in worldwide however it seems that everyone appears to agree on the following points.

* A belief in a higher power (God) * A belief in life after physical death * A belief in communication to/from the spirit world.

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Being Spiritual doesn’t mean abandoning your worldly possessions and sitting semi-naked beneath a tree in permanent meditation. It doesn’t mean being perfection incarnate, as humans we are all flawed, and our purpose is trying to make the best of the incomplete hand we’ve been dealt. Being Spiritual does mean acknowledging that we’re already a small piece of Spirit incarnate, and trying to understand more about what this means. It does mean recognizing that, as . . . → Read More: For spiritual people, how would you define being spiritual and what is a spirit/soul?

I had a dream about heaven last night, and I must say it was quite the spectacle, whats up with the center ?

How come the center is an older building and more spiritual than the rest? And workers were constantly excavating it. I thought so fireball, since I was riding on some sort of train The center is the point of light that radiates out. It is aeons old, and yes, you have to excavate through layers to find it. It is a journey.

Blessings on your journey.

meditation healing info?

Helloooo, i am doing a report on meditation healing and i need some help with my information and stuff. please gimme as much info on meditation as an alternative way of healing as you possibly can.

main information i need is: practitioners, theories, how it works, cost, training, what conditions it cures, risks and side affects, bascially anything

=] thank yoouuu That’s really TMI to put in this format.

I suggest you simply Google healing modalities, meditation techniques, practitioner training, courses, etc and choose a good variety. That can range from religious faith-based, to John of God in Brazil, to Reiki to Theta Healing, to Pranic yoga, to The Journey… and that’s barely scratching the surface.

Just a few to get you started.

What are some intellectual, non-spiritual/religious uses for meditation and how do you do it?

By intellectual, I mean heightened thinking and understanding of things, and I would emphasize real life over philosphy in that. OR subjects, like math or history, or some literature you read, etc.

The rest of my question I think is self-explanatory; I don’t really know what meditation entails of, what the goal is for your state of mind/consciousness/if it takes practice/ or anything else really–about it.

Thanks… Well on a basic level it can calm you down, which could help you think straight. It could also make you more aware of your body?

It definitely takes practice, though. Basically you just have to relax and breathe slowly and steadily and clear your mind – which can be the hardest part. We all think a lot and it’s hard to just shut that off. It gets easier over time though. I have always been taught to breathe in for a count of two, hold the breath for a count of two . . . → Read More: What are some intellectual, non-spiritual/religious uses for meditation and how do you do it?

"We are not human beings living a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings living a human experience"?

Do you think this is true or false and why? I hate schmaltz, but there is nothing in the statement I can argue with. I just would say we are all slivers of God experiencing reality.

Can U suggest me some good inspiring and spiritual books like The Monk Who sold his Ferrai, Wings of Fire?

"The Path of the Higher Self" and "The Masters and Their Retreats," Mark Prophet,

"The Great Divorce," C. S. Lewis,

"Expecting Adam," Martha Beck, Ph.D.,

"The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?", Free and Wilcock, http://www.divinecosmos.com

"The Master of Lucid Dreams," Dr. Olga Kharitidi,

"Life before Life," Jim Tucker, M.D.,

"Babies Remember Birth," David Chamberlain, Ph.D.,

"Men in White Apparel" and "Watch Your Dreams," Ann Ree Colton,

"Testimony of Light," Helen Greaves,

"To Live Within," Lizelle Reymond,

"And There Was Light," Jacques Lusseyran,

"Autobiography of a Yogi," Yogananda,

"Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer," Yvonne von Fettweis,

"Yoga of Nutrition" and "Light Is a Living Spirit," O. M. Aivanhov.

is yoga a simple physical exercise or it is spiritual?

Chrisitans what do you think? Yoga is a form of worship in india Funguyy is right. Doesn’t matter how it’s done in India; what matters is the individual’s intent. Lighting a candle is a widespread traditional part of a Candlelight service in many churches on Christmas eve. However an atheist can light a candle for secular reasons; it sure doesn’t make him any closer to becoming Christian. Stretching your calves and hamstrings by doing "downward dog" sure isn’t going to make you hindu.

Is Eternal Security for a Christian, only found in being born His spiritual soul child?

Because the will of the Father is to believe in His Son & come to repentance so we don’t perish but receive eternal life.

By receiving Jesus atonement for our sins by believing from our heart & then being born a spiritual soul child of God. That seems to be the only time we are sealed by the Holy Spirit unto the day of redemption.

2. Or can we find eternal security by doing what we think is right or by mental assent, or some other way?

2a And if there is another way for eternal security, what is it? arthvade, Everyone one in the world has the ‘oportunity’ to receive Eternal Security. (Not every one receives it; And if one hasn’t received it, one doesn’t have it.) God so loved ‘everyone’ in this world; that He sent His Son. That whosoever believes in Him ‘will not perish’ but receive ‘eternal life’. geeseweese, What is all you need to do . . . → Read More: Is Eternal Security for a Christian, only found in being born His spiritual soul child?

How much should I donate to a Buddhist meditation center if someone will perfomr the ceremony?

My fiance and I want to get this woman who can marry people at a Buddhist meditation center. They said it is by donation. We don’t attend the center nor are we buddhist, but we would like a spiritual wedding with buddhist elements. We don’t know anybody from there, especially the one who will marry us. How much should we donate for doing the ceremony at a separate (but not faraway) location? Generally, the donation to an officiant is around $150-200.

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