1. Awakening the Soul: Diksha – True Spiritual Initiation



http://www.siddhalishree.com (blog) Living Enlightened Master, Acharya Shree Yogeesh sheds light on the true meaning of initiation.

Many people believe that the initiation, or diksha, of a seeker means to only learn from a guru, however, according to Acharya Shree, it is the awakening of the soul.

Acharya Shree Yogeesh is founder of Yogeesh Ashram in Riverside, Ca.

For more information visit: www.yogeeshashram.org

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Rob Bell: Everything Is Spiritual

You’ve Seen Rob Bell in the NOOMA videos. Now See Rob Bell teaching about how everything is spiritual.

Clip from Rob Bell’s Everything Is Spiritual tour. See Zondervan.com for more information. Look for the Everything Is Spiritual DVD in November at your favorite retailer. Visit www.zondervan.com for more information about books and video by Rob Bell and NOOMA videos with Rob Bell.

Description: In the Hebrew scriptures there is no word for “spiritual.” And Jesus never used the phrase “spiritual life.” Why? Because for Jesus and his tradition, all of life is spiritual. But what does that really mean?

Duration : 0:1:47

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Gamma Ray – Spiritual Dictator

Taken from their album, Majestic. Enjoy!!!

Spiritual Dictator Composer: Dan Zimmermmann

Master of desislusion, he´s sowing seeds of hate Burning Sermons, evil thoughts he´s bound to seal our fate Human minds infected by hipnotizing words Foretelling lies, catastrophies, it’s time for our rebirth

You´re suffering from pain to clean up your karma You´re following the path of no return Youre Blackning your soul, forswearing your freedom Killing your hope for living life in peace

Evil Messiah – The world´s set on fire He promised salvation, but sent you hell Almighty liar, satanic desire Eternal damnation comes after your fall

Spiritual dictator, a murderer in white Illuminated living god – the reaper with the scythe

A deadly operation, a mass destruction curse Effective high – tech armoury a raging storm unfurts

You´re suffering from pain to clean up your karma You´re following the path of no return Youre Blackning your soul, forswearing your freedom Killing your hope for living life in . . . → Read More: Gamma Ray – Spiritual Dictator


SPIRITUAL MEDITATION MUSIC TO RELAX FROM DEEP IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC ITS 2 AM DRIFT WITH JOHN FRUM, JOHN FROM AND or PHRUM SPIRIT OF THE BROOMSWEEPER, THE ONE TO SWEEP WAY THE LIES OF RELIGION, REVEAL THE TRUTH OF SPIRITUAL REALITY BEYOND Sing and Dance to Spirit of John Frum and the Dancers and Singers of Tanna Island Vanuatu. Midnight to Dawn. ITS TWO AM. Forget Religions forget Darwin, tune to Spiritual Reality the Logical alternative, No Death only life, Reincarnation understood, Mind Expansion, journey to the Stars.

Duration : 0:9:46

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Conscious Hip Hop Beyond Beats and Rhymes

Check out this live performance from Sol Aponte…the Essential MC at the Agape International Spiritual Center.

Duration : 0:9:33

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What is best self help audio cd that is for healing, relaxation, meditation?

I like brainsync.com

Ecstasy is good for after a hard workout Sacred Ground is good for just relaxing The Secret Meditation is good for sleeping

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Is meditation a purpose only for spiritual growth?

i don’t want to get into too much spirituality and all that, though am not an atheist. Its just that i want to focus on the important things in life. don’t want unnecessary thoughts in mind and want to be practical and intelligent. the first thing i want to hear from people about me is that am practical and intelligent. will meditation help like concentrating on one point..or any other form of meditation. its not necessary that only spiritual ppl meditate right?? please help. thanks for all your time and answers. What is Mindfulness Meditation? Mindfulness is a type of meditation that essentially involves focusing your mind on the present moment. To be mindful is to be aware of your thoughts and actions in the present moment-without judging yourself. Research provided by Dr. Jon Kabit-Zinn has proven that mindfulness meditation improves mood, decreases stress/anxiety, boosts immune function, helps one see life as it really is and helps one to cultivate . . . → Read More: Is meditation a purpose only for spiritual growth?

Are we living in a time of spiritual malnutirition and existential emptiness?

Dr. Cornel West, the public intellectual and professor of religious studies at Princeton University, attributes social inequalities, rampant loneliness and unhappiness among people as a response to market moralities (profit maximization, cost/benefit, rational-choice, technology advance), the eroding systems of caring and nurturing, and human beings cut off from their source as spiritual beings -here for the love of their fellow brethren and the passionate drive to create rather than compete. Does anyone agree to this assertion? Responses would be appreciated. Spiritual malnutrition… did you say! Human beings are imbibed with a consciousness within us as powerful as God Almighty himself. Can we still say we are spiritually poor! Have we not within us a soul atman which is of the same essence as God Almighty. Every human being has a soul atman within. No human being rich or poor is devoid of a soul atman. How can one remain poor, unhappy unless our inherent trait of character demands so!

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I’m looking for spiritual warfare books in the same vein as This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness?

I really enjoyed both of the above books and I’m wanting to read more or another series that kinda has the same dual stories going on with the angels and demons and then what’s taking place outside the spiritual realm, preferably in the genre of Christian fiction. These aren’t exactly like the Frank Peretti books (nothing really is, or it would be another Peretti book), but there are a number of excellent Christian Speculative books out there right now. Most are not well-known because the major publishers shy away from them. A personal favorite for me was Flashpoint: Book One of the Underground by Frank Creed. There are two sites I recommend to learn about other books like these : http://www.wherethemapends.com, where Jeff Gerke promotes all things Christian speculative, with a list and description of some of the better authors in the genre. Another good site is http://lostgenreguild.com, a gathering place for authors who fit into this niche.

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Is there a hot yoga class in Toronto that isn’t full of hippies and spiritual stuff?

I want to try hot yoga, but the idea of being in a room where silence is mandatory and the fragrance in my fabric softener is an issue makes me uncomfortable. Also, I’m not particularly spiritual and I’d prefer it not be that sort of place. Moksha Yoga in Scarborough @ 705 Progress Ave Unit 36

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What’s your definition of the words soul and spiritual?

My Webster College Dictionary uses circular logic to define each term. I believe "spiritual" is our attempt to relate to the implications of the "soul".

I believe the "soul" is pervasive, regardless of what religion you believe, or don’t believe in.

The Soul is manifest involving Quantum Entanglement, a process that occurs at the nuclear level. Simply, it allows two atoms to be connected to one another, instantaneously, even across the Universe. Albert Einstein called it "Spooky action at a distance".

How the Soul Works


http:// blog.360.yahoo .com /jamesbdunn2 ?p=142 (remove the spaces)

This process allows our minds to be connected, and the minds of animals other than human as well; connected together all during our lifetimes. The connection between family and friends is much stronger than amongst other relationships.

Try to imagine the consequences of having thousands of atoms within your brain toggling as a result of another person’s thoughts. Your brain has many trillions of brain cells, . . . → Read More: What’s your definition of the words soul and spiritual?

My family would like to purchase a church for a non-for-profit community center. Help on raising funds…?

OK, so my older sister found a few churches for sale in our area- the smaller one at $290,000 and the larger at $350,000 (we like this one better because of more parking space/building size). We would like to turn it into a center for everyone, that will provide lots of free services for the needy, work in conjunction with other not-for-profit organizations in the area, and also be a spiritual (though not specifically religious) center. I think this is a great cause.

While we can get a mortgage and/or loans, our family is certainly not poor- our father (there are three daughters) is a wealthy businessowner. However, we don’t have the money to just point-blank buy it, because our father may not be willing to invest. This is a lot of money. How might we get some help in paying? Possibly community fundraisers? I mean, if we begin an official organization, we can raise money and get donations and . . . → Read More: My family would like to purchase a church for a non-for-profit community center. Help on raising funds…?

What is a good meditation technique for wound healing?

I have a cut in my leg and I want it to heal as well as it can as I know it’s going to scar. Any tips? If you want to avoid a scar, see a doctor for a few stitches. To promote healing, eat a pure vegetarian diet with leafy greens, legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and some fruits. Avoid commercially prepared foods, eggs, dairy, and all animal flesh. Meditation focused on body will help heal, but the leafy green vegetables are essential.

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Are you too busy to find time for spiritual meditation and devotion for your advanced learning?

no, and it is the constant analytical meditation within that inspires me to continue to grow

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Do you believe your body is just a shell and that you’re a spiritual being living much deeper inside?

We might be one way or another but everyone’s opinion is different Yes, very much so. For example, It’s difficult to cry over someone’s dead body when they just passed away. Because it’s just a body, their spirit is gone.

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