Seven Spiritual Laws of Success from The Chopra Center

Deepak Chopra and Olivia Newton-John discuss how to apply the principles of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success into your daily life. These Seven Laws are the basis for all of the teachings at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing.

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What is really good about the place you go to church or spiritual center or whatever you call it?

I am going to look for a new place & want to know what qualities others find in their place of worship. I am open to just about any religion but in the past have attended a spiritual center that was open to all religions. If you want let me know if it is a certain religion in case I like what you write & want to look into it. I like where I go now because people never talk about their religions yet we all love & respect each other & at xmas time we honor all relgions, traditions, etc. We love people un-conditionally, If you like things about your church I appreciate you sharing that with me but if you are taught you are more deserving than gay people or people who are going to have abortions let me know. I would never want to attend a place that keeps people from medical care & causes them . . . → Read More: What is really good about the place you go to church or spiritual center or whatever you call it?

Whats the Difference between Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing

I think this is a very valid question. It has been coming to my mind quite often in the last month and I thought if I can get some feedback and views. I will be specially interested in what people feel is the difference from their personal experiences.

Please feel free to share and discuss

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Are soap operas do more to rot your mind rather than cleanse it?

Duuuuuuude… the day I get one set of questions out without a single spelling or grammar mistake is going to be a historic day of this era.

Totally.It’s like being on a bad (mental) diet,and you are what you eat.

I’ve met some people(this has to be said though-they’re not particularly bright) who spend(waste) a lot their time watching soap shows,and this tends to influence them on how they handle their relationships.Horrible.

One of the best mental cleansing techniques IMO is physical exercise.

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Do home fitness/yoga videos actually work?

I know they only work if you actually do the routine. But, are they just as good as going to the Yoga centre?

I’d say you can do a lot of yoga on your own, but to be really safe and learn to know your own body takes supervision by a good instructor.

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Atma – The Secrets of Meditation

Artist…….. Atma Album……… The Secrets Of Meditation Genre……… Psychedelic Label……… Yellow Sunshine Explosion Hyperlink….. Catalog……. YSECD197

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Learn How To Meditate Part 1 of 5

It should be noted that i do not take any credit for these set of 5 videos about meditation…i found them on another users account here on youtube & thought they would be helpful for the many people i have email me & ask me about meditation & how they should begin. I feel these videos give one of the best & most detailed & easy to understand descriptions of meditation that i have come across either in book, video, or cd form this is my reason for sharing them. IF A YOUTUBE STAFF MEMBER IS PLANNING ON CLOSING OR SUSPENDING MY ACCOUNT TO DO WITH ANYTHING RELATED TO THESE VIDEOS COULD YOU PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST…I AM NOT TRYING TO RIP OFF ANYBODY ELSE’S WORK OR ANYTHING OF THAT NATURE I SIMPLY HAVE OTHER PEOPLES BEST INTERESTS AT HEART…I WILL REMOVE THEM MYSELF WITHOUT ANY ARGUMENT IF I AM SO ASKED. THANKYOU IN ADVANCE. For other viewers interested in . . . → Read More: Learn How To Meditate Part 1 of 5

Chakra Balancing Meditation music Very Intense

Chakra balancing meditation Music will balance all the chakras, However this is just a short 8 minutes clip,, for full length clips you can visit . Please be advised to use stereo headphones. This is ineffective without it. This is very intense, make sure the volume is not too loud. new version no adv

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What kind of yoga is best for fitness?

I know all yoga has benefits. Which variety is best for building strength and fitness?

Ashtanga is great, like the above answer says. However, I find a traditional ashtanga practice to be too rigid – it’s the exact same poses every class, and much of the primary series (which will be the focus of most ashtanga classes you get at gyms, studios, etc.) is a seated sequence that I find rather monotonous. In most ashtanga classes, each posture is held for 5 breaths.

I prefer a vinyasa flow style or “power yoga” class (which has roots in ashtanga, but is not as rigid – its sequencing is pretty much up to the instructor). In terms of strength and fitness, Bikram Yoga is great for cardio/strength – it is a fixed sequence of 26 postures done in a room heated to 90-something degrees. You will likely either love Bikram or hate it – if you try it, be sure to hydrate . . . → Read More: What kind of yoga is best for fitness?

Ricki Byars-Beckwith – “Morning Chant”

Rickie Byars Beckwith is music and arts director for the Agape International Spiritual Center and has produced six CDs, including Supreme Inspiration.

As director of the Agape International Choir for almost two decades, she composes, arranges, and directs music for the choir. She also performs at venues throughout the world, including Lincoln Center in New York City and the United Nations.

Beckwith is an intuitive channel of healing music, whose compositions give rise to a profound experience that opens the heart, touches the soul, and lifts the spirit. She is acclaimed as a pioneer in alternative spiritual music and has been recognized with an honorary doctorate degree in music from the United Church of Religious Science.

Beckwiths sound crosses all musical boundaries—gospel, rhythm and blues, jazz, and world beat. She grew up in the South and studied music at Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia. She then moved to New York, where she was lead singer for The Pharoah . . . → Read More: Ricki Byars-Beckwith – “Morning Chant”

How do Aboriginal people find their spiritual center?

I DON”T know what you mean by a spiritual center, but this has opened up a question that alot of people would like to know. IF there ain’t nobody round’ to tell’m bout’ JESUS, HOW do they “get SAVED”!!!! GOD work’s in mysterious way’s indeed. If those people who never saw nobody but themselve’s for year’s, LOOK around and start thinking in their mind, where’d all of this come from??? That would open up the DOOR (Free-Will) for the CREATOR to start TEACHING THEM—-everbody think’s that you gotta have JESUS, hear bout’ JESUS, accept JESUS AND THAT IS TRUE TODAY, cause GOD ALMIGHTY CHANGED the CONTRACT!!!! From the OLD TESTAMENT to the NEW TESTATMENT (JESUS dying on the CROSS). But back thousand’s of YEAR’s AGO, JESUS hadn’t come yet!!! But if a person would start wondering(open up the DOOR in their SOUL to TRUTH) GOD could work with them TODAY we have to GO INTO ALL THE WORLD, but even . . . → Read More: How do Aboriginal people find their spiritual center?

SECRET ATTRACTION “The Magic Diamond” Guided LOA Meditation

iTunes Link:

WARNING: The results of this seemingly innocent guided meditation video ( Bubbilicus-Transparicus ) have already proven unbelievably miraculous for one of our viewers. Take note of what happens in your life soon after experiencing this powerful presentation. It may very well blow your mind and prove life changing. Turn your speakers and or headphones on to a comfortable level… now!

Bubbilicus-Transparicus and the other works of the independent musician CHROMATICUS, are available through Apple iTunes.

NOTE: You must use the techniques outlined in the secret and the general rules of the LOA to encourage the magic of this guided meditation to transform your life.

Best wishes, ~UU:)

NOTE: All content within this video experience has been created by the uploader/producer of this work. With the exception of the 100% fully, legally licensed Earth / Space image at the very beginning of this video which has the following licensing details adherent to it: © image item . . . → Read More: SECRET ATTRACTION “The Magic Diamond” Guided LOA Meditation

Model Fitness: Agustin’s Partner Yoga Routine

Agustin Aguerreberry is a model with Ford. He has been doing partner yoga for several years and highly recommends this activity which is physically demanding but yet sensual. Please visit for more great videos.

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