Whats de secret to sticking to your meditation regime?

I knw meditation is gud for me, but everytime its time to do it, I find myself foolin around doin somethin useless, like watchin TV or surfin de net……… Do not stop your routine or it will be hard to start up again. Go outside if other people are loud. Go to a quiet room. Start with tapes that direct you like jon kabbot zin mindfulness then move on to less directed ones in his series with bells, then you can just use meditation music. Do not listen to your special meditation music when not meditating you want to associate it only with meditation. get a walk man sort of device to listen to this stuff. Think of it as a practice you do not have to be perfect, just keep bringing yourself back to your meditation if your mind wanders. You will get more and more focused. If you really want to meditate you must forget the TV . . . → Read More: Whats de secret to sticking to your meditation regime?

5 direct techniques to clear your mind – SPIRITUAL POWER

http://vitalcoaching.com/spiritualpower.htm 5 techniques to clear your mind from chatter and unwanted thoughts

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