Any household ways to try and get rid of a cold sore?

I’ve had a cold all weekend, and now I’m starting to get a cold sore. It’s only small right now but I can tell it’s going to get really big, and I need it to be as small as possible because I’m at work next weekend.
Does anyone know any methods to try and speed up the healing process without any branded medicines? I don’t really have time to go to the shops and buy anything, with all the Christmas shoppers, so would love if anyone could tell me any ways to help with home items.

A cold sore is a version of the herpes virus. It is different from the genital herpes virus but can be transmitted to the genitals if the facial herpes comes in contact with the genitals. It is important to be careful during a cold sore outbreak. Don’t touch your lips and then touch your eyes or nose or genitals. These areas are the most prone to contracting herpes. You can also pass this virus to another person by touching the other person with the infected area.

Here are the most effective cold sore remedies.

1. Abreva. This is an over-the-counter cream that attacks the herpes virus and shortens the time of an outbreak. It is best to apply Abreva at the initial tingling sensation of a cold sore, before it appears on your lip.

2. Valtrex. This is a prescription medication usually intended for genital herpes. It is sometimes subscribed for cold sores also. Talk to your general doctor or a specialist about possible prescription treatments.

3. Limit stress. Since the herpes virus is connected to your nervous system, a primary trigger of a cold sore outbreak is stress. Change your lifestyle to limit the amount of stress in your life. Practice stress relieving exercises such as meditation or yoga. A cold sore is often referred to as a worry wart. It is a visible sign that you are under physical or mental stress. A cold sore outbreak often causes a person to feel embarrassed which causes more stress and lengthens the time of the outbreak.

4. Ice. Sudden changes in weather places stress upon your body. Cold sores often attack in early spring and late fall when temperatures can change drastically from day to day. Intense cold usually helps to counteract an attack. When you feel the initial tingling sensation of a cold sore outbreak, press a piece of ice on your lip where you have the outbreaks. Let the ice touch your bare skin while you hold the ice with a clean cloth. Practice this 3 times per day with a new cloth until the cold sores have disappeared. If you catch it early, you can often eliminate an outbreak.

5. Chapstick. Keep your lips clean and moist. Don’t allow your lips to chap or feel stress from the weather. Avoid allowing the cold sore to come in contact with saliva or water. After washing your face, towel dry the infected area thoroughly. During an outbreak, don’t apply makeup to an infected area. The chemicals in the makeup may have negative interactions with the cold sore and prolong the outbreak.

6. Sunscreen. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can trigger a herpes outbreak, even during the winter. Apply sunscreen to the areas affected by cold sores. This will help prevent possible outbreaks.

7. Keep your immune system strong. Herpes usually attacks when your immune system is the weakest. A cold sore outbreak can even be an early sign of another oncoming illness such as the flu or a cold. Eat a healthy diet and take Vitamin C. Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

Good luck!

What is the philosophical meaning to life and/or living?

In otherwords, what purpose are we to achieve as the the "highest" form of living organism? What can we do to make ours and others lives better physically and emotionally?

The philosophical question "What is the meaning of life?" means different things to different people. The vagueness of the query is inherent in the word "meaning", which opens the question to many interpretations, such as: "What is the origin of life?", "What is the nature of life (and of the universe in which we live)?", "What is the significance of life?", "What is valuable in life?", and "What is the purpose of, or in, (one’s) life?". These questions have resulted in a wide range of competing answers and arguments, from scientific theories, to philosophical, theological, and spiritual explanations.

These questions are separate from the scientific issue of the boundary between things with life and inanimate objects.
Popular beliefs
"What is the meaning of life?" is a question many people ask themselves at some point during their lives, most in the context "What is the purpose of life?" Here are some of the many potential answers to this perplexing question. The responses are shown to overlap in many ways but may be grouped into the following categories:

Survival and temporal success
…to live every day like it is your last and to do your best at everything that comes before you
…to be always satisfied
…to live, go to school, work, and die
…to participate in natural human evolution, or to contribute to the gene pool of the human race
…to advance technological evolution, or to actively develop the future of intelligent life
…to compete or co-operate with others
…to destroy others who harm you, or to practice nonviolence and nonresistance
…to gain and exercise power
…to leave a legacy, such as a work of art or a book
…to eat
…to prepare for death
…to spend life in the pursuit of happiness, maybe not to obtain it, but to pursue it relentlessly.
…to produce offspring through sexual reproduction (alike to participating in evolution)
…to protect and preserve one’s kin, clan, or tribe (akin to participating in evolution)
…to seek freedom, either physically, mentally or financially
…to observe the ultimate fate of humanity to the furthest possible extent
…to seek happiness and flourish, experience pleasure or celebrate
…to survive, including the pursuit of immortality through scientific means
…to attempt to have many sexual conquests (as in Arthur Schopenhauer’s will to procreate)
…to find and take over all free space in this "game" called life
…to seek and find beauty
…to kill or be killed
…No point. Since having a point is a condition of living human consciousness. Animals do not need a point to live or exist. It is more of an affliction of consciousness that there are such things as points, a negative side to evolutionary development for lack of better words.

Wisdom and knowledge
…to master and know everything
…to be without questions, or to keep asking questions
…to expand one’s perception of the world
…to explore, to expand beyond our frontiers
…to learn from one’s own and others’ mistakes
…to seek truth, knowledge, understanding, or wisdom
…to understand and be mindful of creation or the cosmos
…to lead the world towards a desired situation
…to satisfy the natural curiosity felt by humans about life

…to express compassion
…to follow the "Golden Rule"
…to give and receive love
…to work for justice and freedom
…to live in peace with yourself and each other, and in harmony with our natural environment
…to protect humanity, or more generally the environment
…to serve others, or do good deeds

Religious and spiritual
…to find perfect love and a complete expression of one’s humanness in a relationship with God
…to achieve a supernatural connection within the natural context
…to achieve enlightenment and inner peace
…to become like God, or divine
…to glorify God
…to experience personal justice (i.e. to be rewarded for goodness)
…to experience existence from an infinite number of perspectives in order to expand the consciousness of all there is (i.e. to seek objectivity)
…to be a filter of creation between heaven and hell
…to produce useful structure in the universe over and above consumption (see net creativity)
…to reach Heaven in the afterlife
…to seek and acquire virtue, to live a virtuous life
…to turn fear into joy at a constant rate achieving on literal and metaphorical levels: immortality, enlightenment, and atonement
…to understand and follow the "Word of God"
…to discover who you are
…to resolve all problems that one faces, or to ignore them and attempt to fully continue life without them, or to detach oneself from all problems faced

…to give life meaning
…to participate in the chain of events which has led from the creation of the universe until its possible end (either freely chosen or determined, this is a subject widely debated amongst philosophers)
…to know the meaning of life
…to achieve self-actualisation
…all possible meanings have some validity
…life in itself has no meaning, for its purpose is an opportunity to create that meaning, therefore:
…to die
…to simply live until one dies (there is no universal or celestial purpose)
…nature taking its course (the wheel of time keeps on turning)
…whatever you see you see, as in "projection makes perception"
…there is no purpose or meaning whatsoever
…life may actually not exist, or may be illusory )
…to contemplate "the meaning of the end of life"

…to contribute to collective meaning ("we" or "us") without having individual meaning ("I" or "me")
…to find a purpose, a "reason" for living that hopefully raises the quality of one’s experience of life, or even life in general
…to participate in the inevitable increase in entropy of the universe
…to make conformists’ lives miserable
…to make life as difficult as possible for others (i.e. to compete)

Christians, does the bible end with Paul letters, or are the books that are being written today included?

Think about it. There are spiritual books being written all the time with people sharing their faith and their walk with God. I have read a lot of spiritual books that has touched me spiritually, and the way I see it. How do we know that God is not continuing on with the bible?

A lot of us have stories, knowledge and experience to share of God grace and blessings, so I do not believe that the bible ends with Paul letters.

The bible ends with Revelation. But I agree with you — arrogant and self-righteous human ‘authorities’ may have slammed shut the door on God’s mind, but that doesn’t stop God from continuing to reveal. It only stops them from recognizing revelation when it happens.

You know what’s ironic? The biblical canon includes a promise Jesus makes to his apostles: that the Holy Spirit would continue to reveal things to them. Paul is himself an example of that, because he was not one of the apostles at the time that promise was made. Yet ‘authorities’ have decided that the promise came to an end. God did not so decide.

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In 2009, a series of physical setbacks, a broken engagement and a cross-country tour left India.Arie exhausted and at a spiritual crossroads. She left the music industry to find some healing and slowly began working again over the next few years. In 2012, however, she started having serious issues with her skin and suspected she had a serious illness. As it turns out, she says, her soul was sick and manifesting in other ways. Watch as India.Arie reflects on a life-changing hike she took up a Hawaiian volcano and what it taught her about the importance of acceptance and surrender.

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Is it possible to heal or at least shrink an unruptered brain Aneurysm?

I’ve always wondered & been curious about the brain & been curious as to whether it has the power to heal Itself physically as well as healing the body. I always believe that the body has healing powers through remedies such as daily meditation so would there be remedies like this to heal an unrupted aneurysm? Does the brain have the power to heal Itself? What do you think? Surgery used to be the only option to repair a brain aneurysm (It will not heal itself). But, over the last 10-15 years, endovascular treatment that is done through a catheter (tube) that is usually inserted in the leg has allowed for most aneurysms to be treated with very little side effects and much shorter recovery. Most patients go home the next day. If you or someone you knows has a brain aneurysm, they should see an interventional neuroradiologist or endovascular neurosurgeon to be evaluated for these procedures.

How do I stop turning to religion every time things get bad?

It seems like every time I get stressed or depressed, I end up drawn towards religion. When I was a teen, I would go back to Christianity, the religion I was raised as, but it didnt make me happy. In fact, it made me feel worse than ever. I was fairly happy for awhile and life was good, but when it got bad, I found myself looking for a new crutch to rely on. This time it was Wicca. Don’t get me wrong, I think Wicca’s great, but religion just isn’t for me. I’m the type of person who generallh only believes things that have been proven. So even though I desperately wanted to believe in magic and the God and Goddess, part of me never truly did. That’s only part of the problem though. I also have an addictive personality, so when I’m religious, I’m RELIGIOUS. Wicca took up a lot of my time and quite a bit of . . . → Read More: How do I stop turning to religion every time things get bad?

Do you think the Bible teaches that being poor is spiritual?

Like many people, the media, perceive that as a Christian, one is to be poor to be spiritual… But, i would have to disagree. It would seem that the Bible teaches otherwise.

But I want to know what you have learned on the subject of prosperity and poverty in the bible. Also if being poor is spiritual? First I would like to note, that the Bible is not talking about actual physical actions or states, or even actual characters. Everything has to be understood allegorically. We naturally have a desire to receive pleasure, and especially to receive it only for ourselves. On our correction path to get closer to God we have to change this direction of the desire from "for ourselves" to the direction "for others". So that is what it means to be poor, that we do not want to receive things for ourselves but we want to receive for the sake of others. It does not necessarily . . . → Read More: Do you think the Bible teaches that being poor is spiritual?

How to get back the joy of living?

I am destroying my relationship with my boyfriend by being sad, crying, and feeling insecure. I really hate that I’m this way and I hate it even more because I want to make my boyfriend happy and it makes him so sad when I’m like this. We almost broke up the other night because I had another breakdown and started crying for no reason, but I convinced him to stay with me by telling him I was going to fix it. Times in the past when I’ve felt fulfilled and happy have been times when I was spiritually connected and serving others, so I have bought some spiritual books, started praying and meditating again, plan on going to church on Sunday, am seeking out volunteer work opportunities, and have set up an appointment with a therapist. I can see this working to turn things around for me eventually, but I need to be happy NOW so I don’t lose the . . . → Read More: How to get back the joy of living?

is it wrong to try and pick up girls doing yoga at the gym?

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